Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

by Erin Raese |

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection

Your brand growth strategy depends on having accurate and timely customer data. In fact, data is the new currency. The Economist compares data with oil and just like when oil was the hottest commodity, data mining has regulations in place to ensure ethical data collection and management practices. Consumers are more protective of their data … Weiterlesen

Loyalty By the Numbers: Top 63 Customer Retention Statistics for 2022

Customer Loyalty Retention Strategies

Companies Need Loyalty More Than Ever Let’s face it, getting a decent night’s rest these days is tough. Chances are counting sheep doesn’t even work when you’re tossing and turning over lingering COVID, the war in Ukraine, soaring gas prices, inflation at an all-time high, and a recession threatening to strike any day. The silver … Weiterlesen

5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

Action Series Campaigns for Customers

Loyalty campaigns are created to encourage your customers to engage with your brand and motivate them to shop more. Loyalty members are always looking for new ways to earn reward points, bonuses, perks and more. Action series campaigns are a great way to entice customers to interact with your brand across all channels. In return, … Weiterlesen

9 Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

9 Customer Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

Loyalty programs allow organizations to track, monitor and change customer behavior. Here are nine key performance indicators to track and monitor. Watching these holistically will help you gauge the performance of your business. Taking these KPIs down to segment and individual levels will help you understand who to target when; creating a mechanism for you … Weiterlesen

5 großartige Möglichkeiten, Punkte zu verbrennen und Kunden zu binden

Engage Customers

Did you know 84% of customers stick to brands that offer loyalty programs? The NielsonIQ study confirms it. The same research shows us that 66% of customers positively change their buying behavior when they shop and earn points. But we all know life happens, so busy customers can easily forget about their unused loyalty points. … Weiterlesen

7 Unverzichtbare Mitteilungen zum Treueprogramm zur Maximierung der Teilnahme

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty Program

A lot goes into a really effective loyalty program. Once you have the strategy, design, and financials planned out, the next important step is to focus on a robust marketing communication plan, so you and your customers can get the maximum benefit. All your marketing channels provide great opportunities to promote your loyalty program, especially … Weiterlesen

Kundenerlebnis – ganz persönlich

The Evolution of Customer Experience

We all know how significant customer experience is and how it’s the most important factor that influences purchase decisions. We’ve been talking about customer experience for more than a decade now. Almost every business today has a keen focus on enhancing customer service but beyond that we’re not so sure. So, what distinguishes leaders from … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie Social Commerce, um Ihr Geschäft auszubauen und die Kundenbindung zu steigern


Since the pandemic, customers are fast switching to online mode of shopping. Various factors like value for money, faster deliveries, convenience, flexible refunds and returns, buy now pay later options have created a great demand for social commerce. Social commerce is the use of social media channels for e-commerce transactions. It’s fast becoming a growing … Weiterlesen

Massives Wachstum beim Online-Einkauf aufgrund veränderten Kundenverhaltens


Gone are the days when people would stand in snaking queues to pay for their shopping. Customer shopping online has expanded substantially across many categories. Consumers’ desire to shop online is increasing, especially in the categories of necessities and home entertainment. Essentials such as over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, groceries, household goods, and personal-care products are among … Weiterlesen

Steigern Sie Ihren Verkehr durch soziale Medien


Almost 87% of marketers believe that one of the benefits of social media is increased web traffic. People using social networking sites has increased exponentially over the years and it’s increasingly becoming pivotal for businesses to leverage social media. The number of users on social media platforms in 2018 rose to an estimated 2.6 billion … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie soziale Medien für den Kundenservice


Incorporating social media in the marketing mix is a must have strategy for marketers. As a matter of fact, almost 74% of global marketers proactively invest in social media. Over 37% of loyal customers claim that social media has been a major inspiration behind frequent purchases and consistency. In order to engage with your customers … Weiterlesen

Krypto und NFT - eine Modeerscheinung oder die Zukunft des Loyalitätsmarketings

Crypto and NFT- Customer Loyalty Marketing

“How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, Democracy or Capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined.” Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind As the price of Bitcoin teases $100,000, the overall cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly in depth and breadth. Cryptocurrency and … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie Loyalty Marketing, um zustimmungsbasierte First-Party-Daten zu erfassen

Collecting First-Party Data While Reinforcing Customer Loyalty

Every brand wants to create an individualized experience for its consumers that increases customer engagement and retention, which is only possible with good data. But, with the global movement toward privacy and empowering consumers, so they have control of their data and how it’s used, the question becomes how can organizations acquire relevant, accurate data … Weiterlesen

A Guide on Card-linked Loyalty

Card-linked customer Loyalty

According to the Digital Commerce Annual Report 2021, 35% of businesses indicated their card-linking programs grew by more than 100%. Based on input from fin-tech, ad-tech, and merchant leaders worldwide, the global trade association’s 2020 findings also show significant industry growth, including a 40% increase in the share of advertising budgets devoted to card-linking. Study … Weiterlesen

5 Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Kunden wieder auf Ihre Website locken


When you have an ecommerce site, it’s a never ending battle to win repeat customers. You want to do everything to make that precious conversion, acquire customers and make them return to your site. Encouraging customers to make a repeat purchase is relatively easy and more cost effective than seeking new customers. Repeat customers are … Weiterlesen

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