9 Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

by Maciek Gorzkowski |

9 Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

9 Customer Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

Loyalty programs allow organizations to track, monitor and change customer behavior. Here are nine key performance indicators to track and monitor. Watching these holistically will help you gauge the performance of your business. Taking these KPIs down to segment and individual levels will help you understand who to target when; creating a mechanism for you … Weiterlesen

5 großartige Möglichkeiten, Punkte zu verbrennen und Kunden zu binden

Engage Customers

Did you know 84% of customers stick to brands that offer loyalty programs? The NielsonIQ study confirms it. The same research shows us that 66% of customers positively change their buying behavior when they shop and earn points. But we all know life happens, so busy customers can easily forget about their unused loyalty points. … Weiterlesen

Gründe, warum Online-Bewertungen für Ihr Unternehmen wichtig sind


Having easy access to online reviews has radically changed the way customers purchase online. No matter which industry you are in, it’s pivotal to have a positive online presence and it’s also a key part of branding. Customers are constantly reading online reviews to evaluate whether they want to buy a product or not. According … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie Social Commerce, um Ihr Geschäft auszubauen und die Kundenbindung zu steigern


Since the pandemic, customers are fast switching to online mode of shopping. Various factors like value for money, faster deliveries, convenience, flexible refunds and returns, buy now pay later options have created a great demand for social commerce. Social commerce is the use of social media channels for e-commerce transactions. It’s fast becoming a growing … Weiterlesen

Massives Wachstum beim Online-Einkauf aufgrund veränderten Kundenverhaltens


Gone are the days when people would stand in snaking queues to pay for their shopping. Customer shopping online has expanded substantially across many categories. Consumers’ desire to shop online is increasing, especially in the categories of necessities and home entertainment. Essentials such as over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, groceries, household goods, and personal-care products are among … Weiterlesen

5 wirksame Ideen für Social Media-Wettbewerbe zur Steigerung des Engagements


In order to thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses need engaged customers. Shoppers who engage with a brand daily are 2x more likely to make more purchases than others. The easiest way to engage with customers and go viral is through social contests. Social media has become an inseparable part of consumers’ daily activities. Users … Weiterlesen

Steigern Sie Ihren Verkehr durch soziale Medien


Almost 87% of marketers believe that one of the benefits of social media is increased web traffic. People using social networking sites has increased exponentially over the years and it’s increasingly becoming pivotal for businesses to leverage social media. The number of users on social media platforms in 2018 rose to an estimated 2.6 billion … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie soziale Medien für den Kundenservice


Incorporating social media in the marketing mix is a must have strategy for marketers. As a matter of fact, almost 74% of global marketers proactively invest in social media. Over 37% of loyal customers claim that social media has been a major inspiration behind frequent purchases and consistency. In order to engage with your customers … Weiterlesen

5 Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Kunden wieder auf Ihre Website locken


When you have an ecommerce site, it’s a never ending battle to win repeat customers. You want to do everything to make that precious conversion, acquire customers and make them return to your site. Encouraging customers to make a repeat purchase is relatively easy and more cost effective than seeking new customers. Repeat customers are … Weiterlesen

Why Is Everyone Talking About Emotional Loyalty?

Emotional Customer Loyalty

It’s a known fact that iPhone users are the true embodiment of loyal customers. Despite the never-ending marketing war between Android and iPhone users, Apple has been on a winning acquisition streak with a quantifiable number of Android users migrating to Apple. TechRadar estimates 1.5 billion Android users could switch to iPhone in 2022. So, … Weiterlesen

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Successful Loyalty Programs


To gain a competitive edge in a saturated marketplace, customer loyalty can make all the difference. While loyalty stems from a company’s consistent effort to meet and exceed customer expectations, a study by Rare Consulting reports 83% of customers said their brand loyalty is a result of trust. Customers that trust a company will come … Weiterlesen

Supercharge your Marketplace with a Loyalty Strategy


Loyalty programs are a great way to establish and prolong profitable customer relationships. According to Accenture, over 90% of companies run some kind of loyalty program. Harvard Business Review has stated that loyalty marketers increase revenues approximately 2.5x faster than their competitors. Loyalty programs make a difference.  Let’s explore how this works in a marketplace … Weiterlesen

Harness Data to Foster Customer Engagement

Harness Data to Foster Customer Engagement

The acceleration of digital, fierce competition, and ever-increasing customer expectations have all put a major dent in many of our growth plans. Customers want to be treated like individuals and want to stick with companies that know who they are and invest in building a meaningful relationship based on their preferences, values, and needs. To … Weiterlesen

Surprise and Delight your customers with Birthday Rewards


On the occasion of your customer’s birthday, gifting them something thoughtful will ultimately reflect on how valuable your brand considers your customers to be. Small yet prominent gestures help in increasing the customer’s lifetime value and also as stated from a survey, a simple personalized birthday mail along with a surprise gift can increase the … Weiterlesen

Understand Customer Behavior Better with a Grocery Loyalty Card


The grocery space witnessed a spike in demand during the pandemic, as millions of customers wanted to stock necessary items for day to day life. According to reports, in April 2020, online grocery sales touched $5.3 billion, with total orders going from 46.9 million to 62.5 million between March and April, respectively. It is the … Weiterlesen

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