5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

by Jake Madrigal |

5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

Action Series Campaigns for Customers

Loyalty campaigns are created to encourage your customers to engage with your brand and motivate them to shop more. Loyalty members are always looking for new ways to earn reward points, bonuses, perks and more. Action series campaigns are a great way to entice customers to interact with your brand across all channels. In return, … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie Loyalty Marketing, um zustimmungsbasierte First-Party-Daten zu erfassen

Collecting First-Party Data While Reinforcing Customer Loyalty

Every brand wants to create an individualized experience for its consumers that increases customer engagement and retention, which is only possible with good data. But, with the global movement toward privacy and empowering consumers, so they have control of their data and how it’s used, the question becomes how can organizations acquire relevant, accurate data … Weiterlesen

A Guide on Card-linked Loyalty

Card-linked customer Loyalty

According to the Digital Commerce Annual Report 2021, 35% of businesses indicated their card-linking programs grew by more than 100%. Based on input from fin-tech, ad-tech, and merchant leaders worldwide, the global trade association’s 2020 findings also show significant industry growth, including a 40% increase in the share of advertising budgets devoted to card-linking. Study … Weiterlesen

Why Is Everyone Talking About Emotional Loyalty?

Emotional Customer Loyalty

It’s a known fact that iPhone users are the true embodiment of loyal customers. Despite the never-ending marketing war between Android and iPhone users, Apple has been on a winning acquisition streak with a quantifiable number of Android users migrating to Apple. TechRadar estimates 1.5 billion Android users could switch to iPhone in 2022. So, … Weiterlesen

Take Charge of Consumer Relationships with Financial Services Loyalty

Financial Services Loyalty

Consumers have more payment options than ever before—and a mere 30% use a single source for all their financial needs. Most spread their payments and other financial needs across a wide range of providers. Incumbent banks are suffering from eroding economics and fading customer relationships as more consumers engage with newer digital offerings. Neobanks and … Weiterlesen

A Brief Know-How of Data Privacy Laws

For every valuable commodity, there are rules and regulations in place, to ensure smooth and ethical resource management and transfer practices. A code of law is imperative to ensure that the commodity is ethically sourced, stored and transferred, be it gold, oil or data. Data is among the most valuable commodities in recent times and … Weiterlesen

How Loyalty Can Help You Shift Automaker and Dealership Success into High Gear

Automotive Customer loyalty program

Can you hear that? It’s the fundamental shift in how consumers are now buying cars. In response to the pandemic, consumers were quick to steer their car shopping online. Frost & Sullivan report that for automakers 72 percent of customer interactions are digital and dealerships are now often the last stop. Test drives are increasingly … Weiterlesen

Why is 1st Party Data Important to Loyalty and How Do You Use It?

We all have ‘accepted cookies’ hastily while browsing through websites. Most of the time even without giving it a second thought. What we seldom realize is that with just one click we are sharing information with a person, team, a company, or more. Sharing information is not necessarily a bad thing; provided that the data … Weiterlesen

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