Steigern Sie Ihren Verkehr durch soziale Medien

by Bistriti Poddar |

Steigern Sie Ihren Verkehr durch soziale Medien

Almost 87% of marketers believe that one of the benefits of social media is increased web traffic. People using social networking sites has increased exponentially over the years and it’s increasingly becoming pivotal for businesses to leverage social media. The number of users on social media platforms in 2018 rose to an estimated 2.6 billion and the number is expected to touch 3 billion by 2021, according to reports. Social Media is no longer an alternative but a necessity for businesses and you need to engage with your customers on social media to drive more traffic, and more sales. With social media you can enhance both your online and offline business presence without spending much. If used correctly and optimally, social media can become one of the most critical sources of traffic that can help you strengthen your online presence. 

Choosing the right social channel heavily depends on the business you have. If you are a consumer products or information centric brand, then Facebook, Twitter or Instagram would be ideal for you. If you are a B2B oriented company, a more suitable platform would be LinkedIn. Of course, there are also platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube which are extremely visual. You can also leverage them based on your goals.

So, here are some relevant social media strategies that can help you boost your website traffic: 

  • Optimize your social media profiles by ensuring that your bio carries relevant hashtags and detailed information about your company. Hashtags can generate more exposure for your social media postings. The bio should instantly present the brand proposition. The more distinct your bio is, the more likely you are to catch their attention and connect with them at a deeper level. When optimizing your social media profiles, ensure a consistent business description across all channels. Prepare a few important and SEO-friendly keywords that describe your company best, and include them into your bio section. Remember that only the first 140 characters will appear in search engine results, so conveying the most critical information first is important. Also, have a link on all your social media profiles that points to your website. It’s not just good for SEO but also for gaining more traffic. Most of your social media users are mobile users, so, ensure that the website you link is well optimized for mobile as well. 
  • Consistently post rich, enticing and relevant content. Fans expect a steady flow of information pertaining to your own business or the industry. You want to position yourself as a thought leader and a source for news and updates. Posting regularly is important because soziale medien: is fast paced by nature and if you go without posting for a long period of time, you will not be able to create an impact or stickiness. Your brand’s voice serves as the personality of your brand and creates recognition. Hence to build a loyal base and generate traffic, post engaging content frequently. Once you understand that consistency is key, you need to gain clarity on your content goals. Ask yourself: what types of posts are you creating and why? At the same time, it’s also important to understand how much content is enough and when to schedule your content so that it reaches maximum people on your social media. Using well timed posts is extremely important to drive traffic and sales, take into account the most productive post time. For example, Facebook posts are most effective between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM during the middle of the workweek. Most days, Twitter engagement tapers off after lunchtime.
  • Engage your audience by offering them content that they find valuable. Introduce open ended questions, polls, contests or interactive quizzes to trigger a reaction from them. More often than not, stay topical and join a conversation or comment on a trend that ties in your brand. In fact, Facebook uses “meaningful engagement” as an important signal that a post should be prioritized. Experiment, observe the reaction, tweak and repeat. Maintain a speedy response time. Responding to comments, queries, or complaints promptly makes your audience feel valued. Being responsive and engaging genuinely builds trust and long term bond with your audience. 
  • Make the share button visible for people to share your content. In order to get referral traffic from social media, encourage people to share your links within their networks. We trust the opinions and recommendations of those who are close to us, hence there’s no better publicity than someone sharing your company’s post on their own feed. To motivate this behavior, you can create content and better titles that organically encourages sharing, like distinct images or engaging topics. You can also simply ask your followers to share your content based on goodwill. Being able to share your site, articles, and products through social media buttons helps make it easier for the user to share your content instantly. The easier you make it for the user to share the more likely they will share and want to promote your content. Hence embed share buttons next to your content. Also, sponsored Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts give you instant promotional power by placing your content prominently in people’s feeds and allowing you to reach people beyond your own following.

The connection between social media, higher sales and increased  website traffic cannot be ignored. These social media marketing strategies mentioned above are potent but will take time. If you’re consistent with your efforts with the above mentioned strategies, you will definitely see noticeable results.

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