Social Commerce: the Future of eComm & Customer Loyalty

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Social Commerce: the Future of eComm & Customer Loyalty

social commerce

It’s 2019 and social media is evolving way beyond social purposes alone. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have taken giant strides toward implementing a seamless eCommerce experience into its functionalities. From discovery to conversion, commerce can now be facilitated from your favorite social media channels, across devices and countless supportive apps. Social media and other … Weiterlesen

Kroger: the Grocery, Retail, and CPG Powerhouse


When you think of mass retail powerhouses, behemoths like Walmart, Amazon, and Target tend to be top of mind, ubiquitously associated with everything from groceries, apparel, beauty and home goods. One name that might not pop up as readily? Kroger. Kroger is arguably America’s most underrated grocery store with an estimated 2,764 stores nationwide. Reporting $121.2 … Weiterlesen

5 Leading Enterprise Loyalty Programs in 2021-2022

enterprise loyalty program

When you’re a company of a certain size, customers perceive your brand to blow out the competition online. The battle to attract and retain customers is more heated than ever, but building a custom enterprise loyalty program can feel like a daunting task. Numerous studies conclude that customers are more likely to stick with brands … Weiterlesen

Top 3 Trends in Customer Loyalty Technology

Customer loyalty technology

Since 2020, we have come a long way when it comes to integrating technology to amplify our business reach. The dire need to digitalize as many aspects of a customer’s journey gave birth to some brilliant technologies, enhancing customer experience and simplifying business processes.  Customer loyalty is no exception. From digital loyalty marketing platforms to custom-branded … Weiterlesen

10 Key Customer Acquisition Tips for 2019

customer acquisition

It’s no secret that customer acquisition is very expensive. The cost of acquiring a customer has increased almost 50% over the past five years (HubSpot) and now sits at about five times the cost of keeping a customer. So when you invest your time and money into customer acquisition channels, you should do it right. … Weiterlesen

Why We Love Experiential Rewards in 2019

customer experience annex cloud

These days, the best customer loyalty programs go way beyond the scope of the traditional points-for-purchase model. In fact, savvy customers often approach loyalty programs with skepticism, that perhaps rewards are a little too good to be true. It’s all about how you approach the program and what you plan to get out of it. … Weiterlesen

5 Types of Influencers for Your Brand

influencer marketing

Marketers have leveraged influencers for a long time, from athletes on the Wheaties box to celebrity chefs endorsing cookware. With the advent of social media, influencer marketing has quickly trended toward helping brands expand their reach and connect with new customers. Influencers can be highly effective when they’re knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your industry and … Weiterlesen

6 Easy Ways to Promote Your Referral Marketing Program

referral marketing program

According to The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations each day in the United States, a breeding ground for referral marketing. Not to mention the fact that 83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from people they know (Nielsen). In layman’s terms, recommendations are the highest source of trust, … Weiterlesen

5 Top-Marken, die Benutzergenerierte Inhalte auf Instagram betreiben

gopro user generated content

What is User generated content? In today’s competitive world, if brands don’t cater to customer preferences, they’ll just scoff at the disconnect and move to other brands to fulfill their needs. In order to continually stay updated with ever-changing marketing trends, brands are finding different ways to spin their social content into pure gold and … Weiterlesen

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