5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

by Jake Madrigal |

5 Action Series Campaigns to Win the Hearts and Wallets of Your Customers

Action Series Campaigns for Customers

Loyalty campaigns are created to encourage your customers to engage with your brand and motivate them to shop more. Loyalty members are always looking for new ways to earn reward points, bonuses, perks and more. Action series campaigns are a great way to entice customers to interact with your brand across all channels. In return, … Weiterlesen

5 großartige Möglichkeiten, Punkte zu verbrennen und Kunden zu binden

Engage Customers

Did you know 84% of customers stick to brands that offer loyalty programs? The NielsonIQ study confirms it. The same research shows us that 66% of customers positively change their buying behavior when they shop and earn points. But we all know life happens, so busy customers can easily forget about their unused loyalty points. … Weiterlesen

7 Unverzichtbare Mitteilungen zum Treueprogramm zur Maximierung der Teilnahme

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty Program

A lot goes into a really effective loyalty program. Once you have the strategy, design, and financials planned out, the next important step is to focus on a robust marketing communication plan, so you and your customers can get the maximum benefit. All your marketing channels provide great opportunities to promote your loyalty program, especially … Weiterlesen

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