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5 Tips to Get your Customer Back to your Website

As a E-commerce site one thing that business look forward is to get more and more visitors to their company website. But once the visitor is on the website the next goal for companies is to get visitors into the buying mode. There’s a lot of effort put by by marketers to attract customers their … Weiterlesen

Tracking Social Media Efforts

Tracking Social Media Efforts

With brands and marketers using the Social platform to promote themselves realizing the potential of Social Media is important. The efforts that you put in to help your company grow via social platforms need to measured time and again, to check the development and make necessary changes if required. When tracking your success of any … Weiterlesen

Branding Your Business Online

Branding Your Business Online

Everyone is turning online for business today, whether it’s small or life-size companies. Courtesy, the ever increasing internet users and their changing attitude towards online shopping. The online world is persistently changing, with new fads coming and going at the drop of the hat. Due to the continuous shifting of the online marketplace all marketers … Weiterlesen

6 Ways to Make Your Website More Social

Corporate sites are generally plain and boring and thus fail to deliver the appropriate value to the current and potential customers. Corporate websites also end up empowering customers alone of doing the job of sharing with others and don’t utilize the power of testimonials, quotes and videos. Corporate websites need to get more social as … Weiterlesen

Tips To Keep Your Fans Engaged on Facebook

Tips To Keep Your Fans Engaged on Facebook

So your brand has a Facebook page and you have good community size, ever thought what next ? How do you plan to get the likes on the Facebook into actual sales and get the revenue that you are looking for? The secret to a successful Facebook page is a highly engaged community, an engaged … Weiterlesen

How To Use LinkedIn For Building Your Business?

LinkedIn For Building Business

Over the last few years there has been a huge growth and popularity of social and business networking sites. People were skeptical initially thinking if these sites  would really work, this has all changed now with most people and businesses realizing that these networking channels have opened up opportunities that had not been available in … Weiterlesen

How to Earn Customer Trust through Social Media

Customer Trust through Social Media

Customer trust is the most important tool for your business development both offline as well as online. In the new era where everything is going on web, including shopping, planning and even consulting ,gaining in your costumer trust and goodwill is crucial as it is the sole way that your brand might expand and rope … Weiterlesen

Converting Fans and Followers into Customers

Converting Fans and Followers into Customers

Your Social media profile is your online identity, hence making it impressive and trustworthy is important for your business growth. A fancy and over advertised page is not what customers or users like they prefer something more transparent, connected and quick. Social network is plainly about connecting with your fans and followers and try to … Weiterlesen

6 Key Tips In Making Content Viral


Social Media Marketing has become more and more competitive over the years we have seen brands come out with some out of the box content to lure their customers. With each new platform and new blog the competition for views and readership has been increasing. In this scenario getting a content which is not only … Weiterlesen

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