Customer Loyalty Trends: the Growth of mCommerce

by Grace Miller |

Customer Loyalty Trends: the Growth of mCommerce

The trends toward mobile commerce are skyrocketing. Everything we buy, plane tickets, groceries, and fashions are all available at your fingertips. Way too often I’ve been in the gas station around the corner and realized I left my wallet a block away. Before this would have been embarrassing as they canceled my transaction but with the ability to mobile pay, I can move on my merry way. According to BigCommerce, 34.5% of all eCommerce sales were from mCommerce and that number is only expected to grow to 54% by 2021. But what does this mean for customer loyalty? We’re diving into the mobile commerce trends so you can stay ahead of the curve!

Customer Loyalty TrendsSocial Media & eCommerce

Social media is making it even easier to check out right from your phone. We saw a big push for this a few years ago at Digital Summit. Everyone was showing how easy it is to group order dinner right through Facebook Messenger and allowing everyone to pay their portion right through their phones. Facebook has added its own Marketplace where the money is moving at lightning speeds. Instagram has its own shop feature. Pinterest has integrated a shoppable pin in recent years. The list goes on and on.

As consumers, we never have to leave our favorite apps to buy what we want making it more imperative than ever to integrate shopping into your social media strategy. This is especially true for those product-based businesses. Your highly engaged fans can now buy your t-shirt right through your Facebook page

Catering to Mobile Users

This also means it’s become do or die in the mobile optimization realm. If your checkout process doesn’t lend itself well to mobile users, we’ll see a decrease in conversions. Loyal fans will turn to competitors who ensured their site was secure and ready for mobile checkout. This means extending the SSL so users can feel secure when they shop and more importantly mobile optimization of your process.

Creating an app is a simple way to ensure your business is ready for mobile traffic. I cannot tell you the last time I pulled out my wallet in Starbucks because the app makes it so much easier to get my caffeine fix. According to comScore, nearly 20% of users did not make a purchase due to complex mobile checkouts.

Micro-Experiences for mCommerce

Customer loyalty will be driven more by a consumer’s micro-experiences than any other factor in the coming years. For the consumer, every step of the buying journey is one seamless experience. From the discovery and social media stalking to making that purchase, it’s all one experience, even if they are different departments for your company. Each micro-experience has an impact on customer loyalty and that now includes your mCommerce strategy.

Popular Brands Seeing Mobile Success

Dominos is seeing a massive uptick in conversions due to their eCommerce and mCommerce solutions. Their eCommerce and mCommerce solutions have actually exceeded their phone conversions. The ability to order online provides a more customized experience for users because pizza lovers everywhere get to track who makes their pizza, who delivers it and where they are in the process.

Starbucks has hopped on The North Face train with how they handle customer loyalty specifically through their app. The North Face offered rewards that were full of experiences that speak to their ideal client. Starbucks previously had one reward, a free drink or snack when you reached a certain amount of points. A recent update shows different tiers that allow users to pick which reward they value.

Get everything now from a free flavor shot to free merchandise. These rewards are only available via the app thus forcing consumers to go mobile. The experiences on their app is what makes it so successful. With simple solutions to reload your card automatically and pre-order your coffee in a hurry, it’s no surprise why their mCommerce business is exploding.

SMS & Mobile Experience

Apps aren’t the only solution when it comes to mCommerce either. A texting-based solution is totally viable. We see companies allowing consumers to purchase items via text more and more daily. Gillette is using texting solutions to increase their subscription services.

Gillette On Demand offers users the ability to text their order in and quickly get new razors. we know as a whole, most of us have our phones readily available a large portion of the day and creating the ability to text a purchase to your company of choice is a simple way to ensure your consumers stay loyal.

mCommerce & Your Customer Loyalty Strategy

mCommerce isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon which means your business cannot ignore it. Put security in front of your strategy and make it as simple as humanly possible to make a purchase from your phone. Poll your consumers to see if they’d love an app or the ability to shoot you a text. Giving consumers what they want in terms of mCommerce is an investment worth making. All of these micro-experiences add up to lifetime consumers and that’s something we all want.

We at Annex Cloud just created a guide to micro-experiences to help your business continue to impress consumers and keep them around long term. You can snag that here! Talk to us at Annex Cloud if you’re ready to take your business and customer loyalty to the next level! Schedule a call with us here.

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