Customer Loyalty over Customer possession

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Customer Loyalty

With the advent of marketing and advertising your brand on social media dynamics of customer and company relationship is changing rapidly. Social media highly concentrates on bringing in brand awareness, luring in customers and strengthening loyal customer bonds. But social media marketers prioritize brand awareness and maintaining loyal customers more than customer acquisition.

This move of marketers might be shocking but if we closely study the reason behind it is a smart move as maintaining customers is a tough job more than gaining customers. Advertising is essential and possible through social media and being in public site is easy, even people become fan and followers on social networks once they know your brand name. But the real art lies in maintaining the customers who have started to buy your products and are turning into loyal customers. This is not as easy as it looks like as it requires planning and even accurate execution of the plan.

Social media empowers customers like never before and hence staying in customers good books is the key to development. Recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing good comments and customer reviews help in steering up the conversation and bridging gaps between the user and the company and thus giving a human touch to your brand. Listening out to the queries and complaints of promising or existing customers should your first priority rather than replying back to comments or posts which are less productive or are by audiences who simply like criticizing or complaining about stuff.

Luring in new customers is important but one shouldn’t be that involved in bringing in new customers that you overlook the needs of the old loyal ones. Hence maintain the equilibrium between advertising your brand to bring new leads to maintaining your sales and reputation among the old regular customers is crucial for your development and expansion.

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