Manage Customer Relationships Effectively With A Customer Engagement Platform

by Bistriti Poddar |

Manage Customer Relationships Effectively With A Customer Engagement Platform

To efficiently support and assist your customers, and successfully address their problems, every business must develop a robust system of engagement. Customer engagement platform is a single platform that ensures superior experiences and operational efficiency. By organizing and optimizing engagement activities, customer engagement platforms connect with their customers across multiple touchpoints. Hence to survive and succeed in today’s complex and unpredictable environment, with plenty of other alternatives available, it is very important for enterprises to be deeply connected with their customers and act and respond faster. A software makes the entire task seamless and hassle free. Having the capability of converting customer satisfaction to customer loyalty, customer engagement platforms also provide beneficial experiences to the customers driving loyalty. A loyal customer will not only help your brand by consistent business but will also refer your brand to other people in exchange for a truly worthy experience.

Benefits of Customer Engagement Platform

In today’s customer centric world, consistent hard work is required to earn a customer’s loyalty. A customer engagement platform will allow your business to pay special attention to each and every customer scenario and will help you understand how data and analytics can be predicted and can impact your business’s revenue directly.

  • Customer engagement platforms build trust between your marketing team and customers. Through consistent evaluation and personalized communication, customer engagement platforms establish strong business relationships.
  • Provides consistent and uninterrupted customer support.
  • Delivers customers with value added experiences by engaging with them on a real time basis.
  • It helps assess data for better and improved outcomes.

Brands that have the best customer engagement

Netflix is a classic example of a company with excellent and efficient customer engagement. The company went from 21.5 paid million subscribers to 158 million paid memberships in the year 2019. With every subscriber of Netflix having different tastes and wants, the brand worked hard to deliver every subscriber with the best of the brand’s ability. Netflix emerged as one of the strongest brands with the best customer engagement, as it succeeded in providing their subscribers with a personalized customer experience, making it more special and personal.

Uber is well known for its excellent customer engagement strategy. Uber has taken several initiatives to deliver its customers with the best experiences. In the UK and US, UberEats has provided a permanent solution for people who once waited in long lines to get their food. Uber’s excellent loyalty programs are another example of brilliant customer engagement. By creating a reward tier system, Uber has successfully made their service customer friendly, which guarantees greater customer loyalty.

Features of Customer Engagement Platform

  • Customer Retention–  Customer retention can be simply defined as the process of converting first time buyers into loyal brand advocates. A research from Harvard Business School states that an increase in customer retention by 5% has the potential of improving profitability of a brand by almost 25-95%. By conducting surveys and analyzing customer buying behavior, it is possible to determine future potential challenges that can help the brand in delivering a more efficient service which in turn can help in customer retention.
  • Personalization– It is one crucial step in effective marketing whereby companies review and evaluate data by delivering customers with individualized content. When customers provide brands with data and information, they expect their experiences to be more personalized. It is very important to effectively capture data, manage analytics and deliver tailor made experiences.
  • Omnichannel Communication– To provide customers with integrated shopping experiences, omnichannel communication aligns data and information of customers across all channels and translates these insights into one single unified system. Omnichannel platforms provide customers with consistent and realistic shopping experience by allowing the customers to interact with the brand across several digital touchpoints.
  • Integrations– Customer engagement software should be integrated with the merchant’s point of sale (POS) system and e-commerce system as well as other technologies such as locationing solutions.

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