A Complete Know-How of Customer Cards

by Natasha Ambavle |

A few years ago, almost every other person in the US had a COSTCO, Starbucks, or some other membership card from retailers across the country. While most physical cards were replaced with virtual cards, the concept remains and is only gaining momentum – and they provide incredible value to both the brand and its customer.

What Exactly Is A Customer Card?

A brand gives a customer card to its loyal customers to incentivize their purchases, so they positively associate with the brand and keep repeating their purchase pattern.

Why Do Companies Issue A Customer Card?


Issuing a customer card is a great way to make your customers feel appreciated and included, along with creating a sense of belonging. This enables customers to create a positive association with the brand and build a strong customer-brand relationship.

A customer card also has the company’s branding and company details, which the customer tends to carry around in their wallet every day. This is an effective marketing tool that keeps the company issuing the card on top of the consumer’s mind and helps in building trust.

Most importantly, a customer card helps promote brand loyalty, hence why customer cards are more commonly known as loyalty cards. To engage its customers, brands and companies invest in loyalty programs that may offer special perks, benefits, rewards, or store credit. Not only is a loyalty card symbolic of the loyalty program itself, but it also stores details such as points accumulated and redeemed. These programs provide an incentive for the customer to repeatedly repurchase from the store to collect and redeem points.

Advantages of a Customer Card

  • Boost in Sales – Issuing a customer card helps ensure your customers will keep coming back to your brand to take advantage of your loyalty program. This is a win-win for both the brand and the customer.
  • Improves Customer Retention Rate – Retaining customers, rather than acquiring new ones, is a cost-effective and highly lucrative marketing strategy adopted by numerous brands. Issuing a customer card increases repeat purchases by approximately 45%. Retained customers generally also bring more profit to the business than new customers.
  • Maximizes Brand Reach – The better the loyalty program, the happier the customers. Satisfied customers generate organic brand publicity and circulate positive reviews about brands to their friends and family.
  • Increases Brand Credibility – A company that offers good incentives and rewards through their loyalty program develops a positive brand image in the market.
  • Boosts Brand Loyalty – Loyalty programs are a great way to make your customers feel appreciated and build a healthy relationship with them. With the help of lucrative perks through your customer card, you can considerably boost brand loyalty among your customers.
  • Access to Customer Data – A customer card stores vital information about the customer like name, age, contact number, and location and tracks the customer’s purchase patterns. This gives valuable insights into customer purchase behavior, and this data can be used strategically to create better marketing campaigns.

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