Curisma: A Social Media For The Gadget Freek

by Sean Ogino |

Curisma: A Social Media For The Gadget Freek

When you hear people talking about Social Media and the words that come out in the discussion are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and few more.  Come to think of it there are many other names and types of Social Media which have not been heard of or probably get overlooked. If you just do a search on the web you will notice the different types of Social Media platforms that are there.  One platform that caught my eye was Curisma, a social media inspired network of tech products.  With the holidays upon us I thought let me just check what this is all about and to my surprise I found this network very good and innovative.

Curisma is an online community where you can share, discover and buy cool tech products through personalized recommendations and deals. The name Curisma comes from curation, curiosity, and charisma.  Curisma is all about tech gadgets it is a great way to discover new products that you love through people of similar taste.  Curisma allows you to post stuff with a link for example if you like a camera you can post the link and the image of that camera.  It also has a ranking system for the community within it to compete and make it look to different.

Curisma Founded by MIT students Fatma Yalcin and Eugene Gorelik (no wonder the love for numbers and gadgets) not only allows you to share the tech gadgets but also gives you an option of buying them by providing good deals and discounts. A good example of an innovative Social media site I would say.  It would be difficult to say if Curisma would be able to survive in the longer run with all the big guns around, for now enjoy what this network has to offer you.

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[White Paper]