Creating Positive Brand Experience with Effective Engagement Marketing

by Bistriti Poddar |

Creating Positive Brand Experience with Effective Engagement Marketing

It goes without saying that increasing your engagement can increase your business success. Engagement marketing is creating strategic, intentional, meaningful and personalized messaging to engage with your customers to build lasting relationships. Instead of flashing ads, it’s more important to connect with your modern customers through meaningful interactions and engagement marketing plays a vital role in that. After all the difference between a loyal customer and a regular customer is the frequency and depth of your communication. As a smart marketer, you’re probably aware that customer loyalty and retention are paramount for the long term growth and success of your business, so if a  customer engages with your brand’s content, it opens up opportunities for you to influence their purchase decision.

Engagement marketing could be a Facebook group asking members on a regular basis about their opinions and suggestions on new products or services, making your customers a part of the marketing activities, this makes them feel exclusive, UGC content, or a social media campaign that is centered around your target audience, Adidas garnered a lot of attention and traction when they made short videos of each individual runner in the Boston Marathon. However to maximize engagement, it’s important to make the most of CTAs.

Paul Miser, CEO & Co-Founder, Chinatown Bureau, a digital strategy consulting agency, suggests that engagement marketing helps brands fulfill customer expectations, too. He says, “In today’s business environment, a company needs to move beyond simply communicating their brand promise and actually start to fulfill that promise for their consumers at key marketing, shopping, and purchasing touchpoints. Engagement marketing manifests itself as a brand’s deliberate decision to create unique interactions for their consumers throughout the entire journey as they are hearing about, learning about, considering, purchasing, or owning the brand’s products or services.”

Engagement marketing for customers boosts your bottomline, drives loyalty and retention and increases CLV, creates a business differentiation, strengthens the trust of your customers in your brand and greatly improves customer experience.

Here are some engagement marketing best practices:

  • Communicate with your most profitable customers through campaigns and promotions specially designed for them. Elevate the experience for these VIP customers because in the long term they would be the ones bringing the most business.
  • Create custom content to engage and nurture your existing customers. According to Demand Centric, “78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. And 61% of buying decisions are influenced by custom content.”
  • Respond promptly to your customer feedback or conversations on social media. Faster replies generate better future revenue, research says.
  • You can easily drive growth and superior engagement with effective mobile apps.
  • Make customer influenced marketing, also known as UGC content a part of your marketing strategy. It greatly shapes the brand experiences of your customer. Enable your customers and encourage them to share their reviews and engage with your contests or posts and then fairly incentivize their engagement.
  • Email marketing and text messaging are some other avenues to improve engagement strategy.

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