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Social media is the best platform to drive in engagement and build up sales and company reputation is a short and cost-effective way. When it comes to engaging customers’ more than just general discussion in a more intense and exciting way, the feature of Contest comes to the aid.

Contests not only engage customers with your brand in a fun way they even help in gathering user information, tastes and quick feedback which helps in improving business plans and increasing sales and development. However there are certain important things that you need to consider when starting out a successful contest online.

  • The first thing that you should be aware of is the terms and conditions on Contests on certain social networking sites. For instance Facebook doesn’t allow running a contest and you could get banned. Hence you can use applications like Wildfire and Votigo which help in running your contest on a tab on your company page rather than responding on the company wall post or anything else.
  • Planning out your contest is very important. The number of entries to be allowed, the last date of the contest, laying out certain rules and conditions is also vital. Platforms where ,when and how your contest is to be promoted or advertised ,even the press releases and blog tours are to be pre-decided and well–executed and stood by.
  • Your contest should be not just be engaging but also creative and lure in audiences that you are targeting. It isn’t necessary that your contest should be a huge one offering a hefty prize. Normal contests like ‘a photo contest related to your company’ and a simple prize with huge recognition of the winner online will do the trick of giving you social recognition and mileage.
  • When the contest gets over analyze the whole thing how it has worked out in benefit of your company. After all the main reason to start the contest was to leverage your social exposure and increase customers and sales.

Contests are highly followed on social networks and people enjoy being a part of it. Thus allowing various people to join, share and recommend your contest will advertise your brand and help you in gaining profits.

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