Converting Fans and Followers into Customers

by Annex Cloud |


Your Social media profile is your online identity, hence making it impressive and trustworthy is important for your business growth. A fancy and over advertised page is not what customers or users like they prefer something more transparent, connected and quick.

Social network is plainly about connecting with your fans and followers and try to maintain your trusted buyers along with working hard to rope in new leads. These networking platforms are ideal place to hold your users attention and provide them with value upfront in a fast and cost effective way.

Below are few techniques which might help in converting the fans and followers on social networks into your loyal customers.

  • First and foremost thing to do is to try and maintain a level of healthy communication between your followers and you. Ask questions, answer queries and involve your followers and fans in a meaningful way. This makes the audience pay close attention and keen interest in your brand as they are heard out by you’ll.
  • Another way of holding up a crowd is by offering free or discounted goods. Award shopping points or discounts on the services you provide when people join you, this certainly will helping in bringing in new customers.
  • Host webinars once in a while this helps in solving queries in a much simple and clear manner, it even allows you to address about your target market and brings solutions to it.
  • Use social networking platforms directly to do business. For instance if a person doesn’t have your address or number allow them to book your products directly from the community page of any of the social sites, this experience is easy and user friendly as the fans don’t even have to leave their profile and yet they can shop. This undoubtedly will be helpful and even become a popular trend attracting more users.
  • Gaining customer trust by maintaining the customers that you have is equally important as roping in potential leads. Thus maintain your blogs and user profiles and entertain all kind of feedbacks that you receive answer them humbly. Never ever ignore user comments, mainly the negative ones as it might do more harm than good.
  • E-mail marketing still has its stand, thus collecting fans and followers email addresses and updating them periodically about recent changes helps to keep them in loop and increases chances of converting them into consumers as you are constantly in their sight.

Apart all these steps it’s important that whatsoever might be the situation provide top quality goods, never cheat on quality as the user might be fooled once but the damage that it will do to your reputation, will be forever. Thus be innovative with your approach, be authentic as well and it might do wonders to business sales and customer growth.

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