Connect your shoppers to your customers with Social Q&A

by Sean Ogino |

Shopping is better with friends. They tell you the bad, the good and the ugly. Most importantly you can always trust them to be honest – if it makes you look fat, they’ll tell you. Make it easy for you shoppers to connect with their friends and past customers with the Social Question and Answer tool.

79% of consumers trust online reviews, as much as personal recommendations. More and more consumers are comparison shopping instore and online. With so many retailers out there, shoppers want to be able to make informed decisions. Social Question and Answer enables shoppers to ask their friends and past shoppers product questions before making a purchase.

The Q&A tool matches shoppers with past customers who have previously bought the item for a quick, genuine response. Shoppers can also ask their friends via their preferred social network by posting on their wall or with a direct message. This increases your social reach and can drive new visitors onsite.


Visitors who read consumer packaged goods reviews have a 6 percent higher average order value than visitors who don’t read reviews. Social Question and Answer can save past responses and feature them on product pages. Use these responses to populate your reviews to help convert future shoppers.

Social Question and Answer helps build a community of advocates. As shoppers ask questions, they become more familiar with your brand and more likely to return and answer questions themselves, helping others make purchases. Brand advocates are more likely to make purchases, refer to friends and share products.

See how Annex Cloud’s Social Question and Answer can lift your conversion rates.

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[White Paper]