Coming Across Your Message Through Social Media

by Sean Ogino |

Coming Across Your Message Through Social Media

It’s no secret that having a social media account for your brand and business is not an option but a necessity. With social media having more of an impact it is necessary that you want to convey a message to your audience. Any message that stems from your company represents your brand. Every message you post on your social media on your social media accounts is an opportunity for your brand and company to be mind blowing.

There are a couple of things you need to know before you post to make sure every message is right.

Is the voice you are trying to convey correct?

If you want others to share the message, make sure you make the voice of your brand one that users are willing to share with others.

Is your message too long?

If there’s a character limit within your message then users can’t add what to the message you’re trying to convey if they want to share it.

Make sure all URLs are correct and work properly

Some messages get the URL shortened when we publish our messages. To many this is a great because it gives you more room to write your message but it also hides the original URL to see if it was correct. Check your URL before and after you post so you know your readers will be clicking through the correct link.

Does your message grab your audience’s attention?

Think to yourself can you get the meaning of the message quickly? If you can’t then most likely your audience cannot. Testing your message is very essential here. See what works and what doesn’t work.

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