Ratings and Reviews: What Information Should You Ask Your Customers to Share?

by Grace Miller |

Ratings and Reviews: What Information Should You Ask Your Customers to Share?

Ratings and Reviews

If you’re considering implementing a Ratings & Reviews functionality on your ecommerce website, you’ll find that there are many aspects to consider. There are so many different questions you can ask your customers, not to mention the hurdles of marketing, authentication, and re-marketing the content. However, considering that 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews, those … Read more

4 Reasons Online Reviews Are Important For Your Ecommerce Business

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Online reviews are crucial to any online business that wants control of its reputation on the internet. Customer reviews have changed and created innovative ways for companies to market to them. Reviews allow companies to understand what their customers think of their products, service as well as themselves. It allows them to potentially create positive consumer interaction as well as long lasting relationships.

Increased Sales

The biggest reason why ratings and reviews are important to an ecommerce business is that it can ultimately lead to increased sales by giving customers the information  on a product or service they are considering to purchase. People are more likely to purchase a product or service based on ratings and reviews by others.

Increases Engagement

Online reviews have the effect of creating active social communities where many can share their experiences they’ve had with a product or service. Customers that leave reviews will usually come and see if others have commented on them or simply read what other customers have had to say about their experience  with the product or service. This form of social engagement allows customers to form a bond with the online business.

Improves Rankings

Reviews are great for SEO. Reviews help create a steady supply of keyword content that help your online business have a more prominent online presence. It helps improve your website ranking the more people you have to talk about you. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider that extremely important.

Creates Customer Loyalty and Trust

Customers that actively participate in writing reviews, tend to develop a loyalty to the business. It allows customers to feel that they have a voice and can provide valuable feedback to help a company improve its product or service. The graph below shows that during a recent survey that 72% of of people felt that positive customer reviews made them trust a business more.

rating on reviews

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user generated content

We all know that first impressions matter, whether it’s a conference, a new client dinner or a first date. Does your site make a good first impression? Make your site the one that catches your customers’ eyes by calling upon and showcasing your existing community of fans. This can give your site an immediate impression … Read more

5 Ways to Increase Review Volume Onsite


70% of Americans say they look at reviews before they move on to make a purchase. Product ratings and reviews are becoming more and more important as shoppers start to trust these opinions more than advertisements. Conversions can increase up to 50% when product reviews jump from 1 to 10 reviews. In a study on … Read more

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