Product Update: Visual Commerce Reporting Enhanced with Pinterest and Instagram Insights

by Sean Ogino |

Product Update: Visual Commerce Reporting Enhanced with Pinterest and Instagram Insights

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Our development team has been hard at work on the latest enhancement to Annex Cloud’s Visual Commerce solution. In an effort to fully round out the visual commerce platform, we are adding comprehensive Pinterest and Instagram insights to the reporting dashboards.

The original form of our Visual Commerce solution was a straightforward visual marketing solution that gave brands the ability to collect customer content and permissions, and curate pictures with the goal of boosting onsite conversion. The development of Shoppic: Shoppable Instagram, expanded our capability by giving clients a way to monetize their Instagram traffic with a shoppable feed connected to their profiles. As well as streamline their visual social media strategy with a built-in scheduler.

This most recent enhancement accomplishes the goal of delivering a truly well-rounded visual marketing platform for our clients. Pinterest and Instagram insights give clients access to a breadth of data that can help inform and improve their visual marketing strategies. Here’s the breakdown of the insights included for each platform:

Pinterest Insights: Our Pinterest insights consolidate and expand on the information you can collect through Pinterest Analytics.

Insight: Pinterest Engagement Driven by Content On Your Website
Find the breakdown of Pinterest shares from your website, pins created from your website’s content, and which pins featuring your website content are driving the most re-pins.

Benefit: These insights help identify the content that inspires customers to share your brand on Pinterest so you can replicate it and continue to proactively drive engagement and product/brand discovery via Pinterest.

Insight: Website Traffic and Engagement Driven By Pinterest
Monitor website visitors, both new and returning, who are being referred from Pinterest. Discover which pins and boards are producing significant numbers of impressions and click-throughs to your site.

Benefit: Find out what content on Pinterest spurs customers to click back to your site to make a purchase.

Instagram Insights: We are building out a comprehensive Instagram Insights dashboard aimed at helping you improve your visual marketing strategy.

Insight: Follower Data
Find out which of your followers have the greatest number of their own followers, discover the Instagrammers and posts with the most impressions that mention your brand handle, and track new followers by post and overall follower growth rate.

Benefit: Getting deeper insights into your followers helps you understand their potential to increase your reach and offers a simple channel to discover new influencers. It also helps you gain an understanding of what content drives the highest increase in followers so you can continue to improve your Instagram posts.

Insight: Instagram Engagement
Unearth hashtags that are driving the most engagement with your brand, find out which of your posts earn the highest impression rates, monitor what content delivers the most likes and comments, and track overall user interaction with each Instagram post.

Benefit: Understanding how your content performs on Instagram helps inform your future strategies so you can collect and create content you know will continue to drive engagement and brand awareness.

Insight: Instagram Stories Data
Quickly find data including unique views on your stories, number of customers who viewed your full story, and which stories drive the highest number of direct messages.

Benefit: Quick insights into your Instagram Stories can help you regularly improve the content you put out to boost re-occurring engagement with your Instagram profile and improve brand recognition.

For more information or to learn more about our Visual Commerce reporting capabilities, contact us or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today.

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