Your Guide to Selecting A Suitable Loyalty Partner

by Natasha Ambavle |

If you are in the market for a loyalty partner but don’t know how to go about your search, we are here for you. Loyalty programs are a hot topic now as businesses are looking to strengthen their ties with their customers and a good loyalty partner can help to achieve this and more. Here, … Read more

In the business and marketing circuit, talks of brand and customer loyalty are a common occurrence. Decades after its inception, global brands are revisiting loyalty marketing, to renew their customer’s faith in the brand, especially after the market disruption caused by the 2020 pandemic. A loyalty business model can help a brand to reinstate its … Read more

After the relaxation of the first lockdown phase in 2020, the global fashion industry and especially the luxury fashion sector experienced the unexpected phenomenon of ‘revenge shopping’. Contrary to what marketing gurus and forecasting professionals predicted, the fashion industry experienced a massive boom. The phenomenon was not restricted to offline shopping. In fact, online shopping … Read more

The global lockdown was a great time for businesses to revisit their business approach and create strategies that offer more value to the customers in exchange for their time and money, this is one of the prime reasons why loyalty programs gained momentum in 2020. While there is a lot of information available online that … Read more

Have you ever raved about a product or service to your friends and insisted they give it a try? You realize that you have been actively marketing that particular product, right? Now imagine, getting rewarded to do so! This is exactly what referral marketing is. Referral marketing campaigns basically reward customers for recommending their products … Read more

In the loyalty arena, gamified loyalty and gaming rewards programs are the new buzzwords. While gamification has been around for decades, not everyone is familiar with the term and its significance in marketing and loyalty strategies. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about gamified loyalty and help you understand the concept better. Q1. What … Read more

Rewards Program App

If you have taken your business online and do not have a rewards program app yet, you are not leveraging the full potential of the medium. Well, you could as easily and more efficiently launch and run a rewards program through an application as you did offline. Let’s look into why you need a rewards … Read more

There is a lot of talk lately around customer loyalty, how to be effective and ultimately successful. One aspect often missed is that loyalty is a two-way street. As marketers, we expect our customers to be loyal to us–but are we being loyal to our customers? This is a great read to help you think … Read more

A recent loyalty study states that 83% of consumers visit 4-9 different groceries in a year. Is brand loyalty non-existent in the grocery business? Or are you not giving your customers enough incentive to purchase from you? The latter is likely to be true in this case, because customers freely exhibit loyalty or favoritism towards … Read more

User-generated content plays an undeniable role when it comes to boosting revenue

User-generated content plays an undeniable role when it comes to boosting revenue for e-commerce brands. However, the way in which this rich content should be utilized also holds high importance. This blog post will develop an overview of user-generated content and how it helps e-commerce brands gain on different fronts. User-Generated Content Definition – An … Read more

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