Annex Cloud Named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Customer Loyalty and Retention

by Rohan Ahire |
Annex Cloud- Contellation- Customer Loyalty and Retention

Constellation Research™, technology research, and advisory firm, Annex Cloud was recognized again on the 2022 Constellation ShortList for Customer Loyalty and Retention. Named solution vendors were determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. Constellation Research Advises Enterprises on Industry-leading Technology Constellation Research delivers strategic guidance to companies … Read more

Direct Sales

The Direct Sellers Association (DSA) reports there were about 6.2 million Americans actively involved in direct sales or network marketing, at the end of 2020. Despite declining participation, the industry is still going strong with $40.1 billion in retail sales, 7.7 million direct sellers, and more than 41.6 million customers. Direct Sales Organizations Face Unique … Read more

Loyalty Programs for Fashion Industry

Fashion brands are facing interesting times. The explosion of private-label brands and online marketplaces have made differentiation more important than ever. The phasing out of third-party cookies and fragmented customer data make it difficult to truly know customer preferences and deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers crave. According to McKinsey, The State of Fashion 2021, … Read more

Grocery and Supermarket Retailers should opt for Loyalty

Grocery chains have traditionally relied heavily on blanket one-size-fits-all offers and blind circulars to incent customers with aggressive discounts. Forrester reports that 80 percent of customers want to be treated as individuals and receive communications and offers tailored to their unique preferences—and this applies just as much to the grocery industry as any other. Today’s … Read more

Customer loyalty technology

Customer loyalty technology and retention strategies have existed for a long time. Businesses embraced these in a big way throughout the 2008/2009 recession, in part because focusing on existing customers is one effective way for organizations to weather uncertain times. Since the recession, companies have continued to implement loyalty solutions, yet many are still uncertain … Read more

Social ecommerce

As shoppers continue to prefer online shopping, integrating social media with ecommerce is going to be one of the most powerful strategies for brands in 2021. Owing to Covid-19, the global social commerce market is expected to grow at a rate of 31.4%. Social ecommerce enables users to shop directly from social media. It is … Read more

customer lifetime value

Your customer data should be telling you more than numbers. Customer Lifetime Value models take data such as repeat purchase rate or average time to repurchase and turn them into incredible insights for how to find the right customers, increase purchase frequency, and maximize your eCommerce success. How do you visualize your business model? What … Read more

loyalty programs

Have you noticed the trend?

In good times we spend on advertising and events. We spend on the fun and exciting. We spend on the memorable messaging. Boy, do we spend!

In bad times, budgets get cut, customers go away, the lack of sustainable opportunity from our advertising spend is painfully obvious. We scramble. We shift our spending. We shift our talent. We focus on our existing customers. We pivot to loyalty.

Many are thinking, bad times don’t come that often, my focus on acquisition invalid and justified. Think again. Recessionary events happen every 10 years. Yet, each time they take us by surprise.

When the pandemic hit, businesses with marginal or no insight into loyal buyer behavior struggled to adequately plan resources.

What organizations don’t always realize is that a strong loyalty strategy helps grow the business overall. Strong loyalty strategies deliver customer experiences that go viral, bringing in new customers in addition to retaining existing; making loyalty your most important business requirement.

Loyalty’s Day in the Sun

When the pandemic hit, organizations with loyalty programs fared far better than those who didn’t. In general, loyalty programs will help you sustain sales from your core customer base (which is ~80% of your business). Restaurants with loyalty programs and had a way to communicate with their loyal customers, we’re able to tap these people, give them the information they needed to trust the restaurant, and keep dining – even if that meant curbside pick-up and dining at home.

Any other industry, hit by the pandemic the way the travel industry was hit, would have become obsolete. Yet that hasn’t happened to the major travel organizations. Yes, they have received government funding. But what has really been sustaining these organizations is their loyal customers and their customer loyalty programs. Airline loyalty programs actually generate revenue, in addition to the revenue generated by customers purchasing tickets. Their partnerships with credit card companies and other organizations bring in revenue outside their core value proposition.

It’s time to make Customer loyalty a priority in your organization. Annex Cloud and our extensive partner network will make it easy for you to build strong bonds with your customers through hyper-personalized relevant customer experiences. Call us today to start planning your strategy.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Suppose it is a weekend and you are planning to go out with your friends and dear ones. You have many options to choose from: watch a movie, a long drive, or dining at a restaurant. Suddenly you realize that a restaurant has a special offer where you can get discounts on menu items. As … Read more

Earning Loyalty Rewards

Annex Cloud is pleased to announce an exciting new strategic partnership with Worldpay from FIS (NYSE: FIS) the global leader in payment processing. Worldpay is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global Omni-commerce, processing 75 billion transactions annually around the globe. With an integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers a comprehensive suite of products and services … Read more

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