Top 5 Health and Wellness Loyalty Programs You Should Know

by Grace Miller |

Top 5 Health and Wellness Loyalty Programs You Should Know

Healthcare Loyalty Programs

The more positively and effectively a business engages with its customers, the more referral companies receive. This is the case in the healthcare sector too. A successfully devised and personalized level of engagement is much more likely to garner patient loyalty. The need to improve patient loyalty increases since patients can move to another hospital … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To Insurance Loyalty Programs

Insurance loyalty programs bear the potential to help insurance companies gain competitive advantage in an extremely competitive marketplace

Several critical challenges prevent insurance companies from effectively retaining their customers and reducing churn. Insurance loyalty programs bear the potential to help insurance companies gain the competitive advantage in an extremely competitive marketplace. Let’s explore in detail how modern insurance companies can overcome their challenges and boost customer retention with help of insurance loyalty programs. … Read more

5 Top Examples of a Well-Designed Cruise Loyalty Program

A cruise loyalty program helps cruise industry companies to engage & retain their loyal customers

A cruise loyalty program helps cruise industry companies to engage & retain their loyal customers via special enticing offers like special pricing, specialty dining, VIP lounge access, complimentary drinks and lots more. Let’s explore some of the best cruise loyalty programs to understand what makes them so enticing for the customers to consequently drive revenue … Read more

Annex Cloud Announces Strategic Partnership With Microsoft to Boost Customer Retention Capabilities For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers

Boost Customer Retention

A leading customer loyalty and experience solutions provider firm, Annex Cloud has announced its partnership with the reputed IT services company Microsoft. The integration between Annex Cloud and Microsoft is all set to help global clients to introduce & manage loyalty via their existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, predominantly comprising Marketing Automation, Commerce and … Read more

Looking to Reduce Churn? Know How Client Retention Works

client retention

Companies with high-quality products, top-notch service, and personalized user experiences don’t just attract new clients, they retain their existing clients. Most loyal clients don’t just buy one product or use a company’s service once, they will come back time and time again. As a result, client retention increases the lifetime benefit of a company and … Read more

Customer Service Statistics You Ought To Know

customer service statistics

Customer experience is a key element to how your brand is perceived and drives customer loyalty. Surveys indicate that customers are likely to spend more money with companies that have great customer service. In today’s competitive marketplace, customers can easily turn to another company when one does not meet their expectations. What Is Customer Service? … Read more

Annex Cloud Announces Strategic Partnership With Spryker

Partnership With Spryker

Leading customer loyalty and experience solutions company, Annex Cloud, has announced a strategic partnership with Spryker, a fast-growing e-commerce platform. Spryker offers an agile & innovative solution enabling B2B, B2C & marketplace businesses to scale in a dynamic & highly competitive market. Organizations already leveraging the Spryker platform can now easily integrate customer loyalty strategies … Read more

Customer Loyalty Cards Encourage Customers to Return Back

Customer Loyalty Cards

Visit any coffee shop or a book store, and they will offer you customer loyalty cards at the checkout as a souvenir gift. They label it as a token of appreciation for visiting the store or chain, of course, but they are a very important piece of the puzzle in the marketing strategy. Your wallet … Read more

Annex Cloud Partners with Infobip to Drive Enhanced Loyalty Via Personalized Customer Communication

Enhanced Loyalty

Annex Cloud, a reputed customer loyalty solutions provider, has announced its strategic partnership with Infobip – a leading Cloud-based communications platform provider company. Infobip provides rich communication channels for brands to facilitate seamless, more relevant customer communication, and ultimately drive better retention. The strategic partnership between the two firms is well poised to reinforce customer … Read more

Turn Your Customers into Advocates with Consumer Generated Marketing

Consumer Generated Marketing

The main aim of businesses is to cater to the demands of the consumers by using cutting edge technology in today’s world. The markets have always been consumer-oriented. However, in the forever-changing marketing landscape, companies are using technology and the latest tools to market their brand effectively. Among many such marketing strategies, consumer-generated marketing has … Read more

Boost Repeat Sales and Retention with Effective Loyalty Management

boost repeat sales

Loyalty management is vital to any business’ success and essentially is a series of activities, strategies, approaches that aim to provide top-class service to its customers. This concept uses modern marketing strategies that allow companies to acquire, engage, and retain existing as well as potential customers. It also gives the companies a chance to review … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Loyalty Program App : Best Features, Benefits Included

Loyalty Program App

While loyalty programs are purely focused on retaining your existing customer base, a loyalty program app is the perfect tool to further empower your customer retention initiative. There has been a surge of loyalty program apps in recent times after companies realized the impact loyalty apps make in strengthening  the loyalty program. In this blog … Read more

Retain Your Most Valuable Customers with Loyalty Rewards Program

retain your most valuable customers

Modern customers are more likely to switch brands if they don’t experience exceptional customer service. It’s critical for businesses these days to double down on their marketing efforts to surprise and delight customers. In order to make your most valuable customers keep buying from you, it’s important to reward them for their loyalty. So what … Read more

Chipotle Launches its New Loyalty Program in 2019

chipotle launches its new loyalty program

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a Denver-based Mexican food chain, was founded in 1993. For all these years, the brand’s mission statement is to serve food with integrity, and its vision is to cultivate a better world with every rolled burrito. While the brand is known for simple, fresh fast-food items without artificial flavors or fillers, it … Read more

Evaluate and Review Loyalty Programs to Engage your Customers Repeatedly

review loyalty programs

A base of loyal customers is a profoundly valuable asset to any business, organization, or brand. They offer frequent purchase cycles, higher profit margins, a steady customer base, help in attracting new customers, and build a positive brand reputation through word-of-mouth marketing and other marketing techniques. According to HubSpot, if customer loyalty marketing results in … Read more

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