9 Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

9 Customer Loyalty KPIs to Drive Growth

Loyalty programs allow organizations to track, monitor and change customer behavior. Here are nine key performance indicators to track and monitor. Watching these holistically will help you gauge the performance of your business. Taking these KPIs down to segment and individual levels will help you understand who to target when; creating a mechanism for you … Read more

5 Tips To Get Your Customer Back To Your Website


When you have an ecommerce site, it’s a never ending battle to win repeat customers. You want to do everything to make that precious conversion, acquire customers and make them return to your site. Encouraging customers to make a repeat purchase is relatively easy and more cost effective than seeking new customers. Repeat customers are … Read more

The Age of Customer Advocacy Marketing

Ever bought a product or service because it was hyped on social media? Or it came strongly recommended by online friends? You probably answered ‘Yes’ and so did 70% of customers that believe consumer opinions and 90% that rely on friends’ recommendations, according to recent research by HubSpot. If you ask marketing and social media … Read more

Top Advocacy Marketing Examples from the Current Industry

Brands investing time and effort in advocacy marketing in the current time are experiencing gains

The sheer potential of word-of-mouth marketing makes advocacy marketing highly important for any brand focused on devising a solid customer acquisition strategy. Brands investing time and effort in advocacy marketing in the current time are experiencing gains on multiple fronts. From new customer acquisition and enhanced revenue generation to brand building and more, advocacy marketing … Read more

What Does First-party Data Have Over Third-party?

First-party Data Have Over Third-party

With third-party cookies going away, first-party data, the data you collect through your loyalty program, is your golden ticket to successful acquisition and retention. Here are some ways first-party data helps you deliver the experience your customers’ desire: Increased Relevance First-party data takes the guesswork out of determining who your audience is since it’s collected … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Loyalty Applications

Loyalty Applications

Brand loyalty, customer loyalty, and loyalty programs are commonly mentioned terms in modern-day marketing. Loyalty programs, overall, are based on incentive theory, which suggests that behavior is motivated by a desire for reinforcement or incentives. The psychological effect loyalty and reward programs have on customers is one of the prime reasons these remain valid and … Read more

Brand Loyalty – What and Why?

brand loyalty campaigns

Ever wondered why some brands have a set of devoted customers who stay loyal to their products, even across their various brand extensions? It’s because these customers are emotionally connected with the brand and aren’t swayed by competitors’ promotional offers or marketing tactics. Loyal customers can also develop into organic brand ambassadors that promote their … Read more

Why It’s Imperative to Combine Engagement & Loyalty—From Browser to Advocate

Browser to Advocate

Building loyal customers who are advocates for your brand will continue to grow your company’s bottom line for years. The key is to use your loyalty program to engage and inspire your customers to share their experiences across your ecosystem and in social media. Read through the journey below for the proof points you can’t ignore.   … Read more

When Loyal Meets Social

social engagements

The most effective loyalty programs are those where loyalty meets social; where customers engage with and transact with their favorite brands. Annex Cloud has been advising clients and helping them build loyalty strategies that include both components for years. Over the years we’ve seen some customers set on building only transactional program. We’re happy to share … Read more

Annex Cloud Partners with Listrak to Elevate Customers’ Experience by Leveraging Robust Loyalty Data and More Powerful Digital Marketing Automation

partnership with Listrak

Annex Cloud, a leading customer loyalty and experience solutions firm has announced its partnership with Listrak, a reputed digital marketing automation platform provider company. The integration empowers global brands to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships that increase engagement, revenue, and loyalty. Integrating Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Manager™ with Listrak’s Marketing Automation Cloud will enable brands … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To Insurance Loyalty Programs

Insurance loyalty programs bear the potential to help insurance companies gain competitive advantage in an extremely competitive marketplace

Several critical challenges prevent insurance companies from effectively retaining their customers and reducing churn. Insurance loyalty programs bear the potential to help insurance companies gain the competitive advantage in an extremely competitive marketplace. Let’s explore in detail how modern insurance companies can overcome their challenges and boost customer retention with help of insurance loyalty programs. … Read more

Top 7 Client Retention Strategies To Significantly Boost Client Retention

Top Client Retention Strategies

In this era of tech-driven digitalization, it has become even more crucial than before for global firms to retain their customer base. Formulating well-planned client retention strategies empowers brands to influence & retain their existing customers uniquely and more effectively. In this blog post, we will learn about the best client retention strategies you can … Read more

Loyalty Is an Invaluable Asset in Business

Loyalty Reward Program

What Is a Loyalty Reward Program? As they say, repeat business or behavior can be bribed but real loyalty has to be earned. Therefore, making your customers loyal to your brand is the best strategy to grow the business in the long run. There are many tactics to build customer loyalty, but a great loyalty … Read more

Fashion Loyalty Programs Are Unique In Their Own Ways

Fashion Loyalty programs

There is a lot of skepticism about the role of loyalty in the fashion business. However, many loyalty experts opine that fashion is one of the best industries where loyalty can be customized to the core and bring in phenomenal results. If done right, it can elevate your brand to unprecedented heights of customer engagement … Read more

How Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses Increase Sales?

Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

Customer loyalty programs for small businesses can increase repeat sales by up to 50%. If customers join the reward programs for small businesses, they can get benefit from offers specially customized towards them. Many small businesses still operate on the ‘earn points and redeem’ basis, where customers can get discounts on the next purchase. The … Read more

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