Why Loyalty May Be Just the Thing to Breathe New Life into Healthcare

by Rohan Ahire |
Customer Loyalty for Healthcare Industry

The pandemic forced consumers to see healthcare differently. Patients today want a richer experience based on “know me, engage with me, educate me, and take care of me”. They want a healthcare partner. Patients also are seeking out new ways to get care and telehealth has accelerated the need to integrate in-person and virtual care. … Read more

Today, for most people, the singular source of entertainment, news, and information is user-generated content. In layman terms – social media platforms. The dependency on user-generated content has increased considerably in the last few years. With a platform to share your views, customers are getting more vocal about their likes and dislikes, causing a direct … Read more

Ever bought a product or service because it was hyped on social media? Or it came strongly recommended by online friends? You probably answered ‘Yes’ and so did 70% of customers that believe consumer opinions and 90% that rely on friends’ recommendations, according to recent research by HubSpot. If you ask marketing and social media … Read more

Brands investing time and effort in advocacy marketing in the current time are experiencing gains

The sheer potential of word-of-mouth marketing makes advocacy marketing highly important for any brand focused on devising a solid customer acquisition strategy. Brands investing time and effort in advocacy marketing in the current time are experiencing gains on multiple fronts. From new customer acquisition and enhanced revenue generation to brand building and more, advocacy marketing … Read more


In today’s fast-changing world, marketers need to re-evaluate how to reach out to and engage their audiences. They can do this through a customer loyalty program. Not only with the program help to engage their audience, but it will allow organizations to collect a wealth of zero and first-party data. This data can then lead … Read more

How often have you purchased something that your peers and family strongly recommended? Chances are that you have purchased such products, and quite often as well.  More often than you think, brands and companies rely on the patronage of their loyal customers to acquire new customers and expand the brand’s reach. This is precisely what Customer Referrals … Read more

Referral Tracking Software

Trust is the central principle of all human relationships and even transactions; this is why brands always seek to build a relationship with their customer based upon the fundamentals of trust. Every marketing strategy and brand loyalty program is designed to build faith. It is also the primary reason for the success of referral marketing. … Read more

Browser to Advocate

Building loyal customers who are advocates for your brand will continue to grow your company’s bottom line for years. The key is to use your loyalty program to engage and inspire your customers to share their experiences across your ecosystem and in social media. Read through the journey below for the proof points you can’t ignore.   … Read more

Customer Loyalty Predictions

When we create our loyalty programs, we run models. We run the models again. And again. We try to factor in all of the potential outcomes.  We desire a program that drives new behaviors and also gains approval from our CFO. A program that drives revenue and enhances our bottom line. As diligent as we … Read more

Best Advocate Marketing Practices

Following the best advocate marketing practices powered by a robust advocacy marketing strategy can help you to transform your loyal customers into your brand advocates. While positive customer review is extremely critical for a brand’s success, the key to increased customer lifetime value and acquiring new customers lies in taking proactive measures to turn your … Read more

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