Can Instagram Video Reshape the Advertising Industry?

by Sean Ogino |

Can Instagram Video Reshape the Advertising Industry?

Instagram currently offers a 15 second video option to their more than 150 million active monthly users. This previous upgrade from photographs only provides competition to Vine who has recently surpassed 40 million users. Surely, this a great add-on for users to explore new ways of sharing their day to day activities. But, there is more to it than just affecting the average, everyday user. What does this mean for companies, big and small? Is 15 seconds of time really enough of an opportunity to capture an audience’s attention, and leave a lasting impression? In truth, it can be, with the right blend of creativity and creators.

One Viral Video is All it Takes

Instagram Video forces users to get creative. With such a short time frame, they have limited amount of time to showcase their work and to leave a last impression. Yet, we still see great videos every day. In as little as 24 hours, users can get thousands of likes, just from one video. The motivation is there for individuals to receive attention and gain popularity through social media. They want to be the one who produces the best video and gets the most views.

Now, the time has come for companies to take use of this popularity. Facebook has hinted at releasing mobile advertisements for Instagram, some of them running for around 2.5 million dollars apiece. This is a lot of money for 15 seconds of advertisements, but it shows the impact that mobile advertisements have. Users are checking Instagram in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. And all it takes is for one solid post to go viral, and become the topic of conversation on every individual who owns an Iphone (until Bob Stoops comes by with a scholarship offer, but we’ll let AT&T keep that one).

What Companies Should Do

Individuals have already shown an ability to capture an audience’s attention with just 15 seconds of time. Now we just need them to start adding value to a company. Why not host a competition with your said product, and see who can create the best video? After the first day of Honda’s Vine campaign, they had over 1,000 new followers and almost 2,300 mentions. Imagine what users can do with twice the amount of time. While these competitions are running, your product will be front and center as contestants bounce ideas of the best way to promote your product. Soon, videos will be flush with new ideas of advertising and social media members will take notice. The true success of these campaigns will depend on :

  • A real incentive for users to compete
  • Creative guidelines for users to follow
  • Users becoming active brand advocates

Could this be the new wave of social media advertising? Here’s to hoping it is, because one video is surely all it takes.

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