Is Brand Loyalty Dead? Customer Retention in the Age of Distraction [Webinar]

by Grace Miller |

This week, Annex Cloud hosted the webinar, Is Brand Loyalty Dead? Customer Retention in the Age of Distraction. We shared our top insights into how to keep customers loyal to your brand in this challenging age of retail and e-commerce, and we had a great turnout!

Annex Cloud’s VP of Growth and Marketing, Chris Bechtel, spoke about current market trends and changes in customer behavior, providing actionable tips for how marketers can respond and keep their customers coming back for more. Chris was then joined by Wayland Wong, CEO of Marine Depot (and Annex Cloud customer), who shared some of the challenges his company has faced and what they’ve done to continue leading their industry.

If you weren’t able to attend or if you were but would love a refresher, you can watch the full recording of our webinar below:

Or if you’d prefer to scroll through the slides or share with colleagues, you can download the presentation PDF here:

Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

You can also learn more about Annex Cloud’s customer loyalty solutions here.

Thanks to all those who attended and asked great questions, and thank you to Wayland Wong for his fantastic insights! We’ll see you at the next webinar!

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