Brand Advocacy: 7 Brilliant (and slightly badass) ways to achieve it

by Sean Ogino |

Brand advocacy has been a big buzzword. With social commerce gaining steam, businesses are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd. As the internet gets more personal, businesses are as well. Social for brands is becoming more of an outlet to showcase company culture and lifestyle. In order to really stand apart from the crowd, it’s not enough to just have liked, follows or fans, but rather businesses have to focus on developing brand advocates. This can be tricky, but not impossible.

We’ve compiled a list of brilliant ways to achieve brand advocacy through various social channels and tools that might just give you some street cred.

1. Give some, get some
Give your fans something that is worth sharing and more often than not, they will share it. Create compelling content for your social pages. Whether it’s a great sale, a funny joke or a meaningful quote, find what resonates with your fan base and elicits an emotion. This will make it worthwhile for them to share. Running promotions like Share and Win doesn’t hurt either.

2. Make it a democracy
Let your fans get more involved by enabling them to vote for their favorite outfits, next season’s featured items, or for winners of sweepstakes and contests. Give them the power to decide.

Brand Advocacy

3. And don’t forget the First Amendment
To truly get brand advocates, enabling them to speak their mind. Add ratings and reviews to get feedback about products and customer service. Shoppers will love that they can rave about a great product or a bad experience.

4. Kiss and tell
Show your fans that you appreciate them. Feature your Top Influencers on site with an Instagram curated gallery or highlight them on social as your biggest fans.

5. But keep some things a mystery
A little mystery goes a long way. Have hidden perks or badges on site to keep things fun and interesting for fans who devote more time on site.

6. Help your customers be a little badass too
Keep your customers in the loop by sending birthday reminders to their friends with product recommendations.

7. Don’t batch and blast.
Keep your marketing targeted and focused. Shoppers will return the love when they feel that you are taking the time out to make them feel special.

So put on your leather jacket, spike your hair, and start building a badass brand advocacy strategy.


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