Behind Brayola’s Brand: a Customer Loyalty Case Study

by Sean Ogino |

Israeli entrepreneur Orit Hashay hit it big with one simple idea: help women find better-fitting bras. After years of going to department stores, trying on bras, and asking embarrassing questions to salespeople; she thought there must be an easier way. Thus sparked Brayola, the online bra store, and personal shopper. This year, Annex Cloud had the opportunity to work with Brayola to create a customer loyalty program that would help build a community of brand advocates. We even co-authored a case study, which can be accessed here.

“If I see a pair of gorgeous shoes, I can easily try them on and they either fit, or they don’t. When it comes to bras, sizing is not as straightforward,” stated Hashay. Her development background and entrepreneurial spirit brought her to create a site that would alleviate customers’ pain points. “All you have to do is tell us the brand, style, and size of your current favorite bra, and we’ll create your own personalized bra shop based on feedback from women around the world.”

Once she was able to gain venture capital and began building the Brayola brand, her new problem became distracted customers. With brand trust declining and competition increasing, Brayola’s cost per acquisition was very high.

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Inside the Brayola Bra Clubbrayola rewards

They needed to break through the noise to convey to women just how much easier their lives could be with Brayola. But how could they bring their message to their target audience? How could they retain their attention and turn them into a long-term customer? These were the questions Brayola needed help with and luckily Annex Cloud was there to help.

Through their new loyalty program the Brayola Bra Club, Brayola is able to incentivize and reward valuable actions they want their customer to take, including; account creation, first-time purchases, and referring friends. By implementing tiered customer loyalty through Annex Cloud’s unified platform, Brayola was able to see a big increase in their KPIs. For the full report, download the case study. Wondering how your brand can see better retention results? Contact us today or sign up for a free demo!

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