Take Charge of Consumer Relationships with Financial Services Loyalty

by Rohan Ahire |

Take Charge of Consumer Relationships with Financial Services Loyalty

Financial Services Loyalty

Consumers have more payment options than ever before—and a mere 30% use a single source for all their financial needs. Most spread their payments and other financial needs across a wide range of providers. Incumbent banks are suffering from eroding economics and fading customer relationships as more consumers engage with newer digital offerings. Neobanks and … Read more

How to Make Media Loyalty Less of a Major Production

Media Customer Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers have an overwhelming stream of media and entertainment options. The new acquisition is driven by original content but to retain consumers you need to really know them and their needs are more diverse than ever. Gen Z and Millennials needs vary greatly from Baby Boomers—so it’s critical to understand the nuances—including their interests, … Read more

Annex Cloud Named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Customer Loyalty and Retention

Annex Cloud- Contellation- Customer Loyalty and Retention

Constellation Research™, technology research, and advisory firm, Annex Cloud was recognized again on the 2022 Constellation ShortList for Customer Loyalty and Retention. Named solution vendors were determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. Constellation Research Advises Enterprises on Industry-leading Technology Constellation Research delivers strategic guidance to companies … Read more

How to Build Long-lasting Direct Sales Relationships with Loyalty

Direct Sales

The Direct Sellers Association (DSA) reports there were about 6.2 million Americans actively involved in direct sales or network marketing, at the end of 2020. Despite declining participation, the industry is still going strong with $40.1 billion in retail sales, 7.7 million direct sellers, and more than 41.6 million customers. Direct Sales Organizations Face Unique … Read more

How Loyalty Can Help You Shift Automaker and Dealership Success into High Gear

Automotive Customer loyalty program

Can you hear that? It’s the fundamental shift in how consumers are now buying cars. In response to the pandemic, consumers were quick to steer their car shopping online. Frost & Sullivan report that for automakers 72 percent of customer interactions are digital and dealerships are now often the last stop. Test drives are increasingly … Read more

How Fashion Brands Can Turn Heads in a Crowded Market

Loyalty Programs for Fashion Industry

Fashion brands are facing interesting times. The explosion of private-label brands and online marketplaces have made differentiation more important than ever. The phasing out of third-party cookies and fragmented customer data make it difficult to truly know customer preferences and deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers crave. According to McKinsey, The State of Fashion 2021, … Read more

Why Grocery and Supermarket Retailers Should Take a Fresh Look at Loyalty

Grocery and Supermarket Retailers should opt for Loyalty

Grocery chains have traditionally relied heavily on blanket one-size-fits-all offers and blind circulars to incent customers with aggressive discounts. Forrester reports that 80 percent of customers want to be treated as individuals and receive communications and offers tailored to their unique preferences—and this applies just as much to the grocery industry as any other. Today’s … Read more

Top 3 Challenges Today’s Businesses Face and How to Solve Them

Customer loyalty technology

Customer loyalty technology and retention strategies have existed for a long time. Businesses embraced these in a big way throughout the 2008/2009 recession, in part because focusing on existing customers is one effective way for organizations to weather uncertain times. Since the recession, companies have continued to implement loyalty solutions, yet many are still uncertain … Read more

Annex Cloud Named in Forrester’s Now Tech: Promotions and Offer Management Providers, Q3 2021

Offers And Promotions Management

Annex Cloud is proud to be part of Forrester’s Now Tech: Promotions and Offer Management Providers, Q3 2021 report. Annex Cloud’s sophisticated Promotions and Offer Management functionality is powered by our Rewards and Incentive Engine. This engine provides marketers with a flexible platform to create attractive incentives that can be used within or without a … Read more

Turn these 4 CPG Trends into Opportunities with Loyalty

CPG Trends with Loyalty

Between the pandemic and Google announcing it’s planning to phase out third-party cookies, Consumer Goods companies are facing some tough challenges. It could be time to consider a loyalty strategy and turn those challenges into exciting and profitable opportunities. Here are four key CPG/FMCG trends and a few ways customer loyalty for CPG/FMCG can help … Read more

Why Loyalty May Be Just the Thing to Breathe New Life into Healthcare

Customer Loyalty for Healthcare Industry

The pandemic forced consumers to see healthcare differently. Patients today want a richer experience based on “know me, engage with me, educate me, and take care of me”. They want a healthcare partner. Patients also are seeking out new ways to get care and telehealth has accelerated the need to integrate in-person and virtual care. … Read more

What Does First-party Data Have Over Third-party?

First-party Data Have Over Third-party

With third-party cookies going away, first-party data, the data you collect through your loyalty program, is your golden ticket to successful acquisition and retention. Here are some ways first-party data helps you deliver the experience your customers’ desire: Increased Relevance First-party data takes the guesswork out of determining who your audience is since it’s collected … Read more

Revolutionizing Segmentation: Individualization Using RFM to Step Up Further


In today’s fast-changing world, marketers need to re-evaluate how to reach out to and engage their audiences. They can do this through a customer loyalty program. Not only with the program help to engage their audience, but it will allow organizations to collect a wealth of zero and first-party data. This data can then lead … Read more

Social eCommerce Emerges as a Refreshing, Lucrative Breakthrough for Marketers

Social ecommerce

As shoppers continue to prefer online shopping, integrating social media with ecommerce is going to be one of the most powerful strategies for brands in 2021. Owing to Covid-19, the global social commerce market is expected to grow at a rate of 31.4%. Social ecommerce enables users to shop directly from social media. It is … Read more

The Cookie Crumbles: How Loyalty Is a Great Solve for 1st-party Data

Customer loyalty strategy

Data, data, data. Every day there are news stories about data, privacy, and changes to how many of us have collected data that we’ve depended on for years to fuel our acquisition efforts. It’s clear that a dramatic shift is underway when P&G enlists China’s help to collect iPhone app usage data without the help … Read more

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