Is Earn and Burn Loyalty Still Relevant and Effective?

by Natasha Ambavle |

Is Earn and Burn Loyalty Still Relevant and Effective?

It is a global norm, that when it comes to serious matters, people rely on people they know and trust- be it a doctor, a hairstylist or a financial expert. The same goes for most marketing and loyalty strategies and in this case – Earn and Burn Loyalty. What is Earn and Burn Loyalty and … Read more

Why Grocery Loyalty Programs are Need of the Hour?

A recent loyalty study states that 83% of consumers visit 4-9 different groceries in a year. Is brand loyalty non-existent in the grocery business? Or are you not giving your customers enough incentive to purchase from you? The latter is likely to be true in this case, because customers freely exhibit loyalty or favoritism towards … Read more

The Ultimate Customer Rewards Program Glossary

A lot of material is available online on customer reward programs or loyalty strategies, sometimes the information available can be overwhelming. In this brief article, we bring you the ultimate Customer Reward Program Glossary. Listed below are 26 important things you should know about loyalty and reward programs, plus a bonus. A for Attrition Rate … Read more

The New Wave of Media Loyalty Programs

A consumer survey by Deloitte Consultancy found that 61% of the customers check their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up, every morning. Social media is the new ‘hangout’ or networking place of the world, and if you are not leveraging this platform through your media loyalty programs, you are missing out. Social Media … Read more

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry

The telecommunication industry is a highly competitive sector and since the year 2020 customer expectations have considerably increased when it comes to service, efficiency and overall customer experience. It has become imperative to upscale services and provides more than just the bare minimum to improve customer retention in the telecom industry. Loyalty programs are a … Read more

The Why and How of Automotive Customer Loyalty

What do Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi have in common? The answer is a strong base of loyal customers. Lexus ranks highest among luxury brands with a 48% loyalty rate. Mercedes-Benz ranks second with 47.8%, followed by BMW in third place with 45.1%, Porsche with 44.9% and Audi with a 43.4% loyalty rate. Loyalty … Read more

Why Do You Need Education Loyalty Programs?

Did you know you could influence student behavior and encourage participation through loyalty programs? Be it the hospitality, travel or retail sector; customers have begun to anticipate and even expect a loyalty program, especially from brands they foresee long-term association with. So why not educational institutes? For starters it is THE most important, life-changing, career-determining … Read more

Designing Inspired Healthcare Loyalty Programs

How many times have you repurchased from a brand because of their amazing loyalty offerings? In the retail sector, loyalty and rewards programs play an important role in the purchasing decision of customers and the healthcare sector is no different. Healthcare loyalty programs are gaining momentum especially since the spread of COVID-19. In this article, … Read more

Breaking Loyalty Fatigue In The FMCG Sector

The customer demands in the fast-moving consumer goods sector are constantly fluctuating while the competition is always on the rise. With a vast variety of products to choose from, retaining customers has become challenging. A loyalty program can add value to the customer’s experience with your brand. It incentivizes their association and encourages them to … Read more

The New Era of Fashion Loyalty Programs

The pandemic and the consequent global lockdown have changed the dynamics of the fashion industry and impacted customer’s purchase habits. While loyalty has been of the many challenges, the fashion industry faced in the past, it has now become extremely imperative to increase customer retention rate in order to improve brand sustainability. Here, we will … Read more

Exploring Retail Loyalty Programs and Scope for Improvements

retail loyalty programs

Imagine, salons all across the world offered only one hairstyle/cut to everyone irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, personal style, or even preference. Won’t work, will it? Just like one shirt won’t fit people of all sizes. Loyalty programs are somewhat similar in nature. Today almost every industry has some kind of rewards or loyalty … Read more

Why Are Satisfied Customers Not Loyal?

One of the most common problems brands face in 2021, is customer attrition. According to Deloitte, in global markets, the churn rate is as high as 30%. The reasons for a high customer attrition rate could be many, but the most common reason is lack of loyalty. You may receive a high score on your … Read more

Surveys – Your Gateway To Customer Insights and Data

If you are seeking to improve customer satisfaction and retention rate or are invested in adopting a customer-centric business approach, data is your weapon. However, if budget and resource constraints are holding you back, then opting for surveys is perhaps the wisest decision you will make. Today, when data is the talk of the town, … Read more

Creating Customer Feedback Loops To Boost Loyalty and Retention Rates

If I asked you to recall a few brand interactions as a consumer, chances are you may vividly remember interactions wherein your concerns or issues were promptly resolved by the brand.  According to Microsoft, “Brands are viewed more favorably by 77% of consumers if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback.” Customer feedback is a … Read more

How To Improve Loyalty Program Participation and Engagement Rate

Improve Loyalty Program

Among the various challenges a brand faces, while implementing loyalty strategies, the major cause of concern is a low participation rate. A brand invests valuable resources and time to design a suitable program for its audience while incurring implementation costs but fails to reap its benefits due to low participation and engagement. In this article, … Read more

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