The Most Remarkable Referral Incentive Ideas in 2021

by Bistriti Poddar |

The Most Remarkable Referral Incentive Ideas in 2021


Perks and pay-offs are a great way to motivate loyal customers into sending more referrals, be it a free month of subscription, discounts, or gifting any item of value and importance. Referral incentives are a proven way to give customers a reason to share brand love and refer more people in their inner circle. A … Read more

Double down on Personalization to Deliver Better Customer Experience

double down on personalization to deliver better customer experience

There is an ongoing need for brands to deliver better customer experience. Better customer experience not only aids happy and engaged customers, but also drives customer retention. Customers nowadays have become intelligent with their choices. Most customers would leave if they had other choices that offered better experiences. This significantly affects customer retention goals of … Read more

Grow your Business Substantially with an Effective UGC platform

Effective UGC platform

UGC or User Generated Content marketing, is one of the most authentic, reliable and effective marketing strategies and entails content types like photos, reviews, or even Q&A. Choosing the right user-generated content platform can be the key to business success. A UGC platform can also be understood as a Software-as-a-service(Saas) product that helps aggregate & … Read more

Why Is Visual Content Marketing Imperative For Your Business

Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is the process of creating content for a specific target audience that is visually appealing to them and intends to convert them into buying customers. Researches show that social media posts with visuals had 2.3 times more engagement compared to posts without visuals. Some common forms of visual content are images, videos, … Read more

How To Build Customer Loyalty- A Guide

build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is imperative for a brand to flourish, because it helps retaining customers and paves way for loyal customers to send out referrals. Marketers are opting for new methods and strategies for greater customer engagement and increased referrals. Building customers’ trust, so they come for frequent purchase is important and far more profitable than … Read more

Manage Customer Relationships Effectively With A Customer Engagement Platform

Manage Customer Relationships Better

To efficiently support and assist your customers, and successfully address their problems, every business must develop a robust system of engagement. Customer engagement platform is a single platform that ensures superior experiences and operational efficiency. By organizing and optimizing engagement activities, customer engagement platforms connect with their customers across multiple touchpoints. Hence to survive and … Read more

An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

Omnichannel platforms provide customers with integrated shopping experiences by prioritizing the wants and demands of the customer. As marketing advances, recognizing the buying habits of individuals has become crucial. Omnichannel platforms provide customers with coherent and consistent shopping to drive better relationships. In today’s competitive times, every retailer is expected to have an online store. … Read more

Everything you Need to Know About Customer Loyalty Cards

An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

Customer Loyalty Cards are a powerful marketing tool that influences customers to keep returning to your business. In return for their loyalty and dedication, the customer is rewarded with special offers, points and discounts, that help them engage even more deeply with the brand or business and promote additional purchases. Regardless of increasing competition and … Read more

The Most Successful Referral Program Examples

referral program

A referral program is a well planned, strategic way of involving loyal customers into brand advocacy, by rewarding every customer through incentives like discounts, subscriptions who makes a referral. Also known as the “Word Of Mouth” marketing, successful referral program help building a positive brand image and help promote trust-based marketing. A study shows 9 … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Chipotle Loyalty Program

Chipotle Loyalty Program

Modern fast-casual and quick-service restaurants and chains are waking up to the fact that customers are shifting to digital sales owing to the pandemic. But it’s not enough to simply have digital channels, the customer experience needs to be personalized and exclusive. Modern customers know what they want and that’s where understanding them is critical. … Read more

Omnichannel Approach is a Must Have for Retail Success


Modern customers want to engage in unique ways with your brand. They want to browse and shop through multiple channels and expect it to be a seamless experience. Omnichannel retailing is a proven way to boost customer lifetime value, increase their spending and improve their experience. So, what is omni channel retailing? A consistent, well … Read more

Boost Customer Acquisition by Having the Best Referral Program in Place


More often than not, businesses focus their efforts on acquiring new customers instead of investing in a referral program to drive repeat business and a steady stream of referrals. Word of mouth is a determining factor for 20-50% of purchasing decisions. B2B companies with referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate, and record 69% faster … Read more

Essential Takeaways from the Best Loyalty Programs


We are in times when almost every brand is in a competition for customer loyalty, trust and engagement. Brands agree that for a thriving and sustainable business, a loyal customer base is essential. Repeat customers alone can increase sales by 47%, and customers who belong to loyalty programs typically spend 12-18% more than non-members. The … Read more

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Customer Retention Marketing

increase customer lifetime value with customer retention marketing

Retention in marketing is the need of the hour for every brand that wants long term profitability. Did you know that repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers? Retention in marketing focuses on getting repeat customers to engage and do higher value purchases with your brand. Retention is the new growth strategy because it’s … Read more

Loyalty Review Program – Measuring Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs


There’s an old adage, ‘what gets measured, gets done’. Same is true for loyalty programs. Loyalty programs over the years have become a vital part of a brand’s overall marketing strategy because the payoff is significant. Leveraging loyalty programs results in incremental profits, improved customer experience and competitive advantage. In the last few years, brands … Read more

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