Quality versus Quantity on Social Media

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Quality versus Quantity on Social Media

Social media is constantly under debate over this topic of the quality over quantity. The quality of content, interaction and advertising over quantity is always discussed over and having a clash of opinions on it. But if we analyze the situation both quality and quantity are equally important for your business. Quantity is important because … Read more

How To Increase Engagement with Fans on Facebook

A good conversation is said to be happening between two parties when we find thoughts and ideas being exchanged and honest answers are coming in timely manner such that neither feels alone or bored. When both the sides are engaged in such a manner none of them feel out of place. Business who seek to … Read more

Steps to integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just about marketing your brands on social networking sites, uploading videos or writing content and circulating it online in forms of whitepapers, blogs, and tutorials etc. Emails are another important aspect which usually gets neglected when one plans their social media marketing strategy. But this year most of the business leaders … Read more

Facebook and Marketing

Facebook is the fastest growing social network, which is widely used around the globe ranging its users from various age groups. Hence it’s crucial to keep your company updated about the changing trends and even keeping in track of the various sections of audiences in regard to location and age. When a company invests in … Read more

Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media has evolved over the years and we have seen that more and more brands have now entered the Social zone. The focus is now on how you can stand away from the crowd and get the attention of the consumer. A good social media strategy not only helps you in building relationship with … Read more

Advertising with LinkedIn PPC

LinkedIn PPC

I am sure that when you think of advertising on Social Networks the first choice is Facebook or Twitter and why not these two channels do give brands a great chance to showcase their product to potential customers in different ways. However let’s not forget the underdog over here LinkedIn, LinkedIn may not be as … Read more

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