Ask an Expert: Inside Sugarfina’s Sweet Loyalty Strategy

by Sean Ogino |

Ask an Expert: Inside Sugarfina’s Sweet Loyalty Strategy

Sugarfina customer loyalty

In this edition of Ask An Expert, we sit down with a leading marketer in the boutique candy space. Sugarfina has built a fun and playful brand atmosphere by marketing themselves as candy for adults. Zainub Naqvi, Sugarfina’s Senior Manager of CRM & Loyalty, had a lot to say about the importance of customer loyalty in ecommerce. We also dive into retention, enhancing the customer experience, and how loyalty has helped shape the Sugarfina brand.

Zainub has been with Sugarfina for over a year and oversees customer retention and loyalty. With almost a decade of experience in ecommerce and marketing and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, she knows a thing or two about consumer behavior. Though Sugarfina built a great following, Zainub felt Sugarfina could do more. That is where Annex Cloud stepped in.

What is Sugarfina doing to adapt to the ever-changing retail industry?

Today in retail, consumers really want to have access to not only a store location, but also shop online with ease; it’s all about convenience. In recognizing that, we at Sugarfina strive to perfect both the online and in-store experience and be a champion in the omni-channel retail space.

The customer always comes first. Across our 40+ retail stores throughout North America, we train our boutique associates to provide concierge service to all of our customers, and we are currently implementing a number of features on eCommerce to ensure the experience is fun, exciting and seamless.

How has customer loyalty shaped your customer experience?

Our loyalty program has revolutionized our ability to deliver an impeccable customer experience. Sugarfina Rewards gives us the opportunity to show customer appreciation on an ongoing basis. Our monthly gifts give guests a reason to come back to us every month to try new flavors and get their own treat. Everyone gets a birthday gift, ranging up to a 4-piece bento box customized just for that person.

Beyond this, members get early access to exclusive partnerships and collaborations, which is something that Sugarfina is really known for (Tito’s Vodka partnership, Casamigos, Sanrio, Pressed Juicery and more!)

One of our customers’ absolute favorite perks are those around experiential rewards: our VIPs and Sweet Elites were able to attend Holiday Preview parties. Some events are featured among our biggest markets like LA and NYC, where customers meet our founder, preview the new collections, and shop it as well. We like to thank customers for their loyalty to us and give them a fun night to remember.

What are some ways in which Sugarfina is marketing their loyalty program?

We ran our first ever Double Points promotion in the summer. Fortunately, it served as one of our most lucrative and engaging marketing campaigns for the entire quarter! Customers absolutely loved getting double points on their purchases. And it led to higher AOV, higher volume of purchases, and sign ups with the program.

We see consistent results every month when analyzing our results. Our redemption rate is surpassing our goals and exceeds our expectations. Customers have mentioned how much they absolutely love the program, especially the monthly candy gift and birthday gift.

What are your suggestions when battling for customer retention?

Show your customers how valued they are. I’ve learned that when you give even just a little to a customer, their appreciation for your brand sky rockets and is highly valued, because many brands do not give much at all to their customers.

What are the things you look for in a loyalty provider?

We wanted someone that would help support us in providing an omni-channel solution. That was so we could connect technology in-store and make it available online for our customers.

We also wanted someone who would serve as a true partner to us. Someone working side-by-side as we roll out new promotions, pull metrics, and look into new strategies along the way. The Annex Cloud team really come through with being a true partner to us, we knew we could count on them.

When Sugarfina wanted to amplify their retention efforts, they knew exactly who to call. Because they implemented a tiered customer loyalty program with referral marketing, Sugarfina was able to increase their average order value, improve retention, and even increase referrals. Annex Cloud helped them boost their numbers and overall KPIs. Do you have questions about how increase retention in the coming year? Contact us at Annex Cloud today and we’ll identify a customer loyalty program that’s right for you!

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