Watch Chief Strategist Al Lalani Present Key Insights on Mobile & Omni-Channel

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Watch Chief Strategist Al Lalani Present Key Insights on Mobile & Omni-Channel

Annex Cloud’s Chief Strategist Al Lalani as he presents on Omni-Channel Moments at eTail West 2019

This last week the Annex Cloud Events team went on the road to eTail West 2019 in Palm Springs! As usual, our chief strategist Al Lalani was heavily involved in speaker discussions and thought leadership. On Day 2, he spoke on the Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, & Immersive Media. He also presented on Mobile Moments & Omni-Channel, an in-depth look into curating the customer experience.

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Key InsightsAnnex Cloud's Chief Strategist Al Lalani

“There is so much pressure from customers to meet and exceed customers’ wants and needs. It’s about creating an amazing customer experience through various touchpoints. Combining the right tech with the right incentives is the best way to connect with your customers and create loyalty.” -Al Lalani, Chief Strategist of Annex Cloud

Outside of the main stage, our Annex Cloud Events team was back at the booth answering questions, consulting brands, and getting involved in various workshops. Overall, our team had so much success and even had key takeaways themselves.

“With every event, workshop, and industry opportunity; we’re able to learn more about ourselves and help better serve our customers,” said Ariel Bubb, Head of Events at Annex Cloud. “We are so fortunate to be involved as thought leaders here at eTail West 2019. We’re so excited to continue that partnership for future events!”

annex cloud etail west 2019Though not all of it was business, we did host a fun mixer along with our partners at Listrack. A fun night and a fantastic event overall. Annex Cloud is continuously positioning themselves as leaders across various events in ecommerce and loyalty. That includes chairs, panel discussions, lectures and other educational partnerships. We are very fortunate because with every convention we attend, we are able to gain more knowledge to better serve our clients.

“I am so proud of our team for getting to involved in the event community here at eTail West,” mentioned Lalani. “Every single opportunity that had to learn or to consult others on their expertise, they got involved in. Those are the types of leaders you want in this industry.”

eTail West 2019 was another amazing show and we’re so thankful to be included! Our next stop is ShopTalk 2019 in Las Vegas so stay tuned! Have any questions about any event or loyalty-related topics? Contact us and and we can help you every step of the way!

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