Annex Cloud wins Best in Class in Technology at 2019 Customer Expo

by Bistriti Poddar |

Annex Cloud wins Best in Class in Technology at 2019 Customer Expo

Technology is one of the cornerstones of any successful SaaS program. How companies build, architecture, and design their overall program decide how successful it is in solving their client’s issues.

Here at Annex Cloud, we put a lot of resources behind developing, designing, and implementing our industry leading customer marketing and loyalty solutions. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’re being honored by Loyalty360, a premiere association for customer loyalty, as the Best in Class in the Technology Category for 2019!

We had the honor of attending the Loyalty 360 Conference in Indianapolis to accept this award. This award is a great showcase of the work our technology and integrations teams have put into our product in 2019.

What sets our technology apart is how our unified customer marketing platform brings unique and customizable solutions to high-growth mid-market and enterprise clients. Our ability to integrate with multitudes of systems and provide bespoke loyalty, referral, and UGC solutions for high-level businesses is the product of years of work by our Product, Dev, and CS teams. You can catch-up on the full breadth and depth of our technology offerings here.

“This announcement is a great honor, and we know that our Product and Dev teams are stoked to know that their efforts are being recognized inside and outside of the company. They work hard to deliver World-Class technology for our clients.”

Narasimha Voruganti – Chief Technology Officer at Annex Cloud

Earlier this year, our client, Sugarfina, walked away with the Platinum Award for CX Strategy at the Loyalty360 Awards. Using our software, Sugarfina was able to significantly grow their business. This award goes another step in showcasing the versatility and power that Annex Cloud’s platform brings to brands.

We’d like to thank Loyalty360 for inviting us to their Customer Expo this year, and we’re grateful to have been nominated and voted as Best in Class Technology!

If you’d like to see why Annex Cloud is the Best in Class, you can talk to one of our representatives here.

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