Annex Cloud Supports SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) Clients with Advanced Loyalty Solutions

by Rohan Ahire |

Annex Cloud Supports SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) Clients with Advanced Loyalty Solutions

At the end of January 2021, SAP Customer Data Cloud will be deprecating their social engagement features and services which includes Loyalty (gamification/game mechanics), Ratings and Reviews (comments) and Signals.  For those clients who are currently using these products, SAP Customer Data Cloud has recommended Annex Cloud as a leader in this space.   

SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) has long been known as a leader in the Customer Identity and Access Management and Enterprise Consent Management Solutions market.    

SAP Customer Data Cloud has decided to focus their effort on their core products and features so they can continuously innovate and provide even better solutions for their clients.  

The good news is that Annex Cloud advanced loyalty solutions consist of an industry-leading unified loyalty platform with Ratings and Reviews, Referral Marketing and User Generated Content (UGC).  Annex Cloud also offers Native Receipt Scanning (NRS) so that clients can further reward and engage their customers in multiple channels.  

Annex Cloud will ensure the migration process from SAP Customer Data Cloud is a smooth one.  In fact, Annex Cloud will dedicate a customer implementation manager and customer success manager to all SAP Customer Data Cloud clients.  Clients will have until December 31, 2020 to migrate to Annex Cloud and export their data accordingly with full support. All Loyalty, Ratings and Reviews and Signals features will be turned off by December 31, 2020 so it is very important that clients contact Annex Cloud as soon as possible.     

“We have been working behind the scenes with SAP for a very long time and are well prepared to support each and every client through this migration process.  We are looking forward to helping them accelerate revenue growth, increase repeat order frequency and retain their most valuable customers with our industry-leading advanced loyalty solutions,” said Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Herrera. 

To learn more, contact Annex Cloud. 

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