Annex Cloud Partners with Infobip to Drive Enhanced Loyalty Via Personalized Customer Communication

by Deepak Nautiyal |

Annex Cloud Partners with Infobip to Drive Enhanced Loyalty Via Personalized Customer Communication

Annex Cloud, a reputed customer loyalty solutions provider, has announced its strategic partnership with Infobip – a leading Cloud-based communications platform provider company. Infobip provides rich communication channels for brands to facilitate seamless, more relevant customer communication, and ultimately drive better retention. The strategic partnership between the two firms is well poised to reinforce customer relationships and considerably enhance customer lifetime value for their respective clients.

“By Combining Infobip‘s Cloud Communication platform and Annex Cloud’s personalized loyalty solutions, we can build programs that truly provide our customers with all the right tools to create an engaging and effective Retention solution.”, said Al Lalani, Co-Founder of Annex Cloud.

“Converting every customer into a loyal brand advocate is the holy grail in customer experience management,” said Arun Kumar, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at Infobip. “Our global cloud communications platform with Omni-channel engagement, identity/authentication, security and contact center solutions in concert with Annex Cloud’s loyalty solution can help brands realize this vision.”

Annex Cloud’s loyalty personalized with Infobip’s Cloud communication platform is geared to allow brands attain improved control over engaging and retaining their customers via contextual communication, enabled by Moments, Infobip’s Omni-channel customer engagement solution. Personalized messaging across customer-preferred channels would empower brands to bring along a more human touch to the existing generic communication approach. Updated details about customers loyalty program status like current tier level, earned rewards etc., would thus be sent via personalized message, e-mail or any other customer-preferred communication mode to facilitate improved communication.

Brands can send creative reminders timely to customers about offers that are about to expire, points that are due to get redeemed etc. Moreover, Annex Cloud’s loyalty integration with Infobip’s communication platform will further allow brands to deliver a more enriching contact center experience to customers. With Annex Cloud’s loyalty integrated with Conversations, Infobip’s Omni-channel cloud contact center solution, brands can have all relevant customer loyalty information at one place, thereby enabling their contact center agents to access the same more conveniently and provide enhanced customer service.

Providing a more personalized omnichannel platforms support via a single interface for customer queries is bound to elevate the customer satisfaction levels. The contact center agents will not only be able to communicate customer information better but also ensure a connected customer experience when deploying multiple communication channels. Furthermore, provision for introducing self-service intelligent Chabot built on Infobip Answers, will help brands to save considerable time & effort.

Annex Cloud and Infobip’s partnership will also empower brands to create rich customer profiles to attain more targeted communication. With entire customer loyalty data available in a single place, brands can create detailed customer profiles on the basis of their communication history, loyalty membership status, channel preferences etc., and hence target loyal customers more precisely.

In this age where customer retention holds the vital key to steady revenue generation, the strategic partnership between Annex Cloud and Infobip would surely assist global brands accomplish their strategic customer retention goals & initiatives more effectively.

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