Annex Cloud Named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Customer Loyalty and Retention

by Rohan Ahire |

Constellation Research™, technology research, and advisory firm, Annex Cloud was recognized again on the 2022 Constellation ShortList for Customer Loyalty and Retention. Named solution vendors were determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

Constellation Research Advises Enterprises on Industry-leading Technology

Constellation Research delivers strategic guidance to companies looking to transform their businesses through the early adoption of exponential technologies. The company estimates the global customer loyalty management market to reach $10.1B by 2025. As a sub-segment of customer experience, customer loyalty is key to advancing brand-to-customer relationships beyond transactions, building lasting bonds that drive growth. Bain & Company reports that a five percent increase in retention can increase profits up to 75 percent.

A Deep Dive into the ShortList Criteria

Constellation Research selected ShortList vendors based on a range of criteria determined to be vital for launching and maintaining a successful loyalty program. Here are some of the key criteria and how Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform™ delivers within each category.

  • Supports Multiple Loyalty Programs—Annex Cloud’s modular solution makes it easy to mix and match whichever loyalty program types fit specific customer segments—including transactional, social, behavioral, premium/paid, hierarchy, coalition, and more. This is important as more and more brands are getting more surgical in their communications efforts with their customers. Not all customers respond the same way. Therefore, a loyalty program shouldn’t be a one-size fits all. The program should be built based on the needs, desires and behaviors of the customer.
  • Integration with leading ecommerce, CRMs & POS—Annex Cloud boasts the largest partner network and more than 100 predefined integrations supporting access across your entire tech stack, making it fast and easy to go to market and sustainable.
  • Multiple Currencies—Annex Cloud has a global reach, live in more than 50 countries and counting. Our loyalty solution can be configured to support local languages, currencies, and more.
  • Customer Profile and Preference Management—Annex Cloud’s powerful loyalty engine collects robust first- and zero party data at scale to build a 360-degree customer profile. It also enables sophisticated segmentation and personalization based on behaviors, preferences, and more allowing clients to deliver individualized experiences to their customers.
  • Supports Key Privacy Regulations—Annex Cloud takes security and privacy very seriously. That’s why we maintain SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 across all criteria compliance and adhere to the highest data security standards—including relying on sophisticated, world-class data centers, and ensuring completely encrypted data at rest and in-transfer.
  • Reward Redemption—Annex Cloud enables enterprises to mix and match a wide range of rewards—including products, badges, gift cards, coupons, charity donations, and more—and seamlessly redeem rewards.
  • Multiple Industries—Annex Cloud supports clients across all industries, from CPG, retail, and automotive to MLM, grocery, and healthcare and more. Our SMEs coach our clients to the best strategies for their organization, market, region and customer preferences.
  • Reports and Analytics—Annex Cloud puts massive mission-critical data at your fingertips to enable strategic insights that accelerate growth. The loyalty analytics dashboard provides many ways to format the data. You have the ability to track, report and action on a diverse range of metrics—including engagement, financial, enrollment, campaign-specific, program performance, and more.
  • Allows Strategy Design—Our loyalty experts work with you to clearly identify your goals and design a loyalty strategy and program, ensuring growth through increased retention, acquisition and CLTV.

Purpose-built to Connect, Engage, and Reward Customers at Scale

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform takes brand-to-customer relationships to a whole new level, enabling data-led insights that allow enterprises to create timely, relevant, and personalized customer engagement that builds lasting emotional bonds. Contact us to see for yourself why Constellation Research and other analysts recognize Annex Cloud’s loyalty and retention solution as best in class.

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