Annex Cloud’s Scott Hawkyard Discusses Influencer Marketing at ShopTalk

by Sean Ogino |

Annex Cloud’s Scott Hawkyard Discusses Influencer Marketing at ShopTalk

Our Events team has been crazy busy to start 2019! We left Palm Springs for eTail West and went straight to Las Vegas this week for ShopTalk! Scott Hawkyard, Senior Product Specialist here at Annex Cloud, gave a great presentation on Influencer Marketing to Leverage for Your Brand. He went into the levels of influence and how each plays a key role in your marketing strategy.

Insights on Influencer Marketing

“When it comes to brand influencers, it’s not one-size-fits-all. They can range from the everyday user rating a review to a celebrity endorser with hundreds of thousands of followers. Relationships between influencers and brands work best when tailored,” stated Hawkyard. “No matter what level of consumer, the collaboration needs to feel as natural as possible.”

influencer marketing
Our Marketing Specialist Serena Green on the floor at ShopTalk

On the main floor, our brand consultants were answering questions from hundreds of retailers and seeing how we can help them with their loyalty strategies. Our team did a great job of working with these professionals and making waves as thought leaders in the industry.

“I loved the show this year! Our team did a fantastic job planning and executing so we got the maximum value from the show. Our biggest takeaway were these tech talks, I love being able to learn more everyday about our business and this is a great platform for that,” mentioned Hawkyard.

About the Show

ShopTalk is all about creating innovation in retail. They meet on this stage to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and businesses making an impact today. By participating, partnering, and presenting at events like these, Annex Cloud is continuing to position itself as a leader in customer loyalty.

We’re excited about our continued presence at events like these in ecommerce and retail. The Annex Cloud Events team has a busy agenda ahead and we’re excited to participate in more events in the coming months! Have questions about your customer loyalty strategy? Wondering how you can create more retention with your customers? Talk to Annex Cloud today!

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