Push your reviews to Google Product Ratings with Annex Cloud

by Grace Miller |

Push your reviews to Google Product Ratings with Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud recently received approval from Google and is now listed as a Product Ratings Aggregator within Google’s Product Reviews. Reviews have been a key strategy for years and now Google has created a way to syndicate website reviews and Google reviews. Why is this important? Brands, manufacturers and merchants know that potential customers are much more likely to make a purchase when they see verifiable reviews from other customers.    

Annex Cloud is excited to be entering this space as only a handful of companies have been approved by Google. To see a list of eligible product review aggregators, please click here. You’ll see Annex Cloud at the top of this list. If you are a current Annex Cloud client and are using the Ratings and Reviews product, well, things just got a lot easier and much more efficient for you. Eligible aggregators will be able to submit reviews and user-generated photos to Google for their merchants. 

These product reviews can show up in a variety of ways on Google’s network. Now our customers can expect more quality results from their sponsored content. Companies are relying much more heavily on user-generated content (UGC) and reviews are a critical part of overall customer experience.

Brands and retailers in fashion and apparel and health and beauty thrive on UGC. When reviews are generated from real people, potential customers have an easier time picturing themselves utilizing the product. This new review syndication will allow us to send better data to Google so brands and merchants benefit from more qualified users which ultimately leads to higher conversions.

This feature also appears in Google Shopping Results. In 2019, the Google Shopping network was one of the largest growth opportunities for brands and online retailers and will continue to grow in 2020. When searching for a product online, the top result is almost always a product that can be easily purchased right from the search result. Now those great reviews from your site will integrate into Google Shopping so you can convert these shoppers into buyers.  This is yet another way to further expose your products to new customers in a unique and compelling way.  

“Product Ratings enable trust and confidence with customers which is criticially important for brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers,” said Jeff Herrera, Chief Marketing Officer at Annex Cloud. “We are committed to providing our clients with every means possible to accelerate growth and we could not be more excited to be an approved Google Products Ratings Aggregator.”   

If you are a brand, manufacturer, distributor or retailer and are looking to accelerate growth, increase conversions and retain your most profitable customers, Annex Cloud can help. Contact Us to learn more.  

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