Annex Cloud Announces Strategic Partnership With Microsoft to Boost Customer Retention Capabilities For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers

by Deepak Nautiyal |

Annex Cloud Announces Strategic Partnership With Microsoft to Boost Customer Retention Capabilities For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers

A leading customer loyalty and experience solutions provider firm, Annex Cloud has announced its partnership with the reputed IT services company Microsoft. The integration between Annex Cloud and Microsoft is all set to help global clients to introduce & manage loyalty via their existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, predominantly comprising Marketing Automation, Commerce and CRM.

Microsoft customers already leveraging these applications will thus now be able to easily set up and run simple or complex loyalty programs to effectively boost customer retention. However, this will essentially require Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to enable the loyalty feature in the aforementioned business applications. The platform integration will facilitate rich loyalty data like customer contact information, behavior data and segments pushed to these applications.

Annex Cloud loyalty integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications will enable Microsoft customers to accomplish diverse actions to make the most out of customer loyalty. Consider for example, loyalty integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce application that will allow brands to –

  • Set up loyalty program with/without tiers
  • Set up different types of program rewards
  • Systematically track customer participation
  • Define reward earning rules for customers
  • Set up loyalty card and link it to loyalty program
  • Link complete customer record to loyalty card
  • Set up loyalty schemes specifying the reward earning/redemption rules

Overall, brands leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform will now be able to effectively create and manage their own loyalty programs by using the combined platform. Brands will also be able to facilitate better customer segmentation by tracking & analyzing customer behavior to provide more personalized offers. The integration will also facilitate personalizing the buyer experience as well as boosting the marketing campaigns by delivering the perfect personalized messages to customers using the rich loyalty data available.

Brands will also be able to leverage the customer loyalty data to have a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer details, thus leading to more systematic customer tracking. Also, brands will be able to create richer customer profiles by pooling together behavioral, demographic, transactional and loyalty data and further derive actionable insights using the massive unified data available.

Global brands are fast realizing the importance of rewarding their most valuable customers and accordingly deploying it as a powerful strategy to enhance customer retention. Now with Annex Cloud and Microsoft integration, the possibility to manage customer loyalty from within the Dynamics 365 business apps has finally transformed into reality. Most importantly, the best part about this integration is that brands will be able to derive significant value out of it besides gaining massively in spheres of sales, customer satisfaction and customer acquisition.

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