Analyzing Social Media

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Analyzing Social Media

Analyzing Social Media








Social Media has changed the landscape of how business is done over the Internet. Brands have adopted various techniques to woo the customers towards them and customers have been wise enough to choose and pick the best options available to them. As brands try to develop new strategies to convert the likes into sales there is a lot analysis required to see what data needs to be collected in place to develop a proper strategy that starts working effectively. Each Social Network gives you a lot of options to decide what strategy you should develop for your audience. In this article we list out the various types of data that you should look at as a brand.

Demographics play an important role in developing the right content for the audience. This is especially important if you are a small business firm and you are on a limited budget for Social Media, knowing which location and what type of people are attracted towards your product can play a big role in converting the visitor into sale.

Identifying what types of people give what response to your product. This will help you know who gives a positive feedback and who gives a negative feedback for your product.

Identify who are the influencers for your product across the various social platforms’ can again be the key difference maker. Influencers play a big role in attracting more potential customers towards your product. Once you know who you are influencers you can then work on devising proper plans for them to work on for your product.

Content measurement and Engagement is one more thing that you should analyze. If you know what type of data got more talk for you and to what level the engagement was it can help you in either re-using that data or redeveloping it based on the need of the hour.

Comparing the effect of your content to that of your competitors plays a pivotal role as it helps you understand what others are doing and what you are missing out or what is it that you are doing which others are not.

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