An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

by Bistriti Poddar |

An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

Omnichannel platforms provide customers with integrated shopping experiences by prioritizing the wants and demands of the customer. As marketing advances, recognizing the buying habits of individuals has become crucial. Omnichannel platforms provide customers with coherent and consistent shopping to drive better relationships.

In today’s competitive times, every retailer is expected to have an online store. To quickly transition to something that engages customers digitally, to make every experience more personal and relaxing, effective omnichannel strategies are significant. Better personalization along with easy transactions and fast payments are few aspects that almost every customer desires. Being available to customers, and having records of individual customer buying behavior to meet their needs as accurately as possible is critical.

Benefits of Omnichannel Platforms

Why is embracing omnichannel a must for the running of a successful business? And how does it help amidst competitive industries, challenging situations like technological disrupts and ever changing customer buying behavior?

Statistics prove that omnichannel customers spend 15- 30% more than customers under the single or multiple channel platforms. A study conducted by Harvard established that omnichannel customers are more valuable than single channel customers as they are more likely to engage with coupons, in store digital touchpoints, self serving kiosks, and interact directly with the retailer’s channel.

Here’s why omnichannel platforms are important:

  1. To prioritize your customers and make them feel important by being accessible and available to them is the key to success. With increasing expectations from customers, it is important to analyze shopping behavior of every customer making a purchase. Omnichannel platform records better customer insights as data is exceedingly important for any business. For example, Bank of America has improved their overall customer experience, by paying serious attention to their omni channel developments.
  2. Omnichannel platforms can easily perceive their target audience. Having secure transaction analytics and by tracking demographics of loyalty customers, special apps and campaigns could be created segregating target audiences with different demands.
  3. Omnichannel experiences make customers feel special and important by rewarding them with points and credits. This also encourages customers to frequently interact. The Starbucks Reward app is a classic example of an Omnichannel experience. Each and every purchase grants the customer free rewards card, which can be checked and reloaded via the Starbucks app.
  4. Omnichannel experiences are time efficient and are truly what modern customers deserve. By engaging customers in a unified system, where data is assembled in order, your brand eradicates frustrations that are common in online experience. Eg- Chipotle allows its customers to save their favorite orders, which helps a great deal. The easy to navigate tools make the entire process of ordering online food, without waiting for a long time absolutely possible!
  5. Omnichannel platforms increase revenue, drive loyalty and repeat purchases and solidify brand recall.

Omnichannel platform best practices

With the increasing struggle to establish business in a growing yet finite market, swift and consistent support is a must. A study conducted by Aberdeen Group states that omnichannel customers retain almost 89% of existing customers, while those with poor omnichannel engagement manage to retain only an average of 33%.

  1. Analyze your customer’s desired channels.
  2. Based on customer’s data and purchase history, integrate customer support channels.
  3. To motivate and encourage customers, give them more power by providing self service options. According to Answer Dash, approximately 40% of 3000 consumers prefer self service over getting help from customer support.
  4. Social media being a great marketing tool, needs efficient management. Provide prompt service to them on social media where they engage often.

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