• Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Tackling Customer Frustrations

Top Customer Communication Frustrations and How to Solve Them

1 day ago
Natasha Ambavle

Unhappy customers are a part of the job. As a brand, you simply cannot please all your customers. Unsatisfied customers are bound to pop up time and again, pointing out flaws in your systems and raising flags in your strategies. However, taking them lightly is a luxury you simply cannot…

  • Rewards Program for Small Businesses
  • Rewards Programs

How to Launch a Reward Program for Small Businesses

If you think, that rewards and loyalty programs are only for multinational companies, and that your small business can never leverage the perks of such programs, think again! Yes, global brands from the likes of Tesla, H&M, Starbucks, Nike among others have greatly benefitted through loyalty programs and with the…

2 days ago
  • Advocacy Marketing
  • Referral Sales

The Art of Referral Sales

A quick question: What is the main objective and function of your digital marketing team? You might say activities like designing a communication strategy, content generation, optimization and such other things. However, the core purpose of all these activities is always one – lead generation. The pursuit of attracting prospects…

3 days ago
  • Creating Customer Loyalty
  • Product Loyalty

Deconstructing the Concept of Product Loyalty

People have a tendency to form preferences and associate themselves with people and things they either have similarities with or things that resonate with their values and aspirations. This is all part of the social construct which is reflected even in theories such as In-group favoritism and Maslow’s Hierarchy of…

5 days ago
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Predictive Intelligence in Marketing

Predictive Intelligence – A Peek into The Future

What if I told you, that I could predict your customer’s purchase behavior and actions? Better still, what if, You could predict it? Predictive Intelligence is the answer to most of your customer attrition and engagement problems. As the name itself suggests, it is a technology that will predict the…

1 week ago
  • Omnichannel Loyalty
  • Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Redefining Your Brand Image through Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

According to Omnichannel Marketing Automation Statistics by ClickZ “Omnichannel campaigns saw an 18.96% engagement rate, while single-channel saw just a 5.4% engagement rate.” The report also states that omnichannel campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than most single-channel campaigns and offer 90% higher customer retention rate than…

1 week ago
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • First-Party Data

Turn these 4 CPG Trends into Opportunities with Loyalty

Between the pandemic and Google announcing it’s planning to phase out third-party cookies, Consumer Goods companies are facing some tough challenges. It could be time to consider a loyalty strategy and turn those challenges into exciting and profitable opportunities. Here are four key CPG trends and a few ways customer…

1 week ago
  • Net Promoter Score
  • NPS System

Is Net Promoter Score the Best Growth Metric in 2021?

Have you ever asked your family and friends questions like ‘From 1-10, how much do you like this gadget/ product etc. and would you recommend it?’ If yes, you have been successfully utilizing the concept of Net Promoter Score in your day-to-day life to study reactions, preferences and satisfaction levels…

1 week ago
  • B2B Loyalty Programs
  • Loyalty Programs for Businesses

Distinguishing B2B Loyalty Programs from B2C

When it comes to loyalty programs, there is no ‘One size fits all’. We’ve come a long way since stamps and coupons to now bespoke loyalty programs. In the B2C sector, loyalty programs have been around for decades but in the B2B arena, they are fairly new entrants. However, the…

1 week ago
  • Advocate Marketing
  • Client Retention
  • Customer Engagement

Why Loyalty May Be Just the Thing to Breathe New Life into Healthcare

The pandemic forced consumers to see healthcare differently. Patients today want a richer experience based on “know me, engage with me, educate me, and take care of me”. They want a healthcare partner. Patients also are seeking out new ways to get care and telehealth has accelerated the need to…

2 weeks ago