Amazon’s Spanish Language USA Site Is Ready To Say Hola

by Sean Ogino |

Amazon’s Spanish Language USA Site Is Ready To Say Hola

Though there is an option on Amazon China that anglicizes some of the text, for the first time since its inception, Amazon has taken the bilingual approach to its flagship site. Amazon’s U.S. site, not its .es counterpart, will be available in Spanish as well in English.  Here’s what else your should know about Amazon’s Spanish language USA site…

How Amazon’s Spanish Language USA Site Will Work

The site will allow the visitors to toggle between the English and Spanish versions of the same pages. They can see product listings and information in both the languages. The e-commerce giant has even added an easily accessible language settings option on the website’s interface, right next to the “Accounts & Lists” drop-down menu. The following image will give you a fair idea about the look of the Spanish version of Amazon’s USA site.

amazon spanish language

An Amazon spokesperson said:

“Customers will be able to shop, browse and search for millions of products, view their shopping cart, and place orders in Spanish on and through the Amazon Mobile Shopping app. If you don’t see the option yet, you’ll get it soon enough. Amazon will continue rolling out the feature to more accounts over the next few weeks until everyone can access the new language option.”

Of course, Amazon is no slouch when it comes to providing multiple languages based websites to expand its scope all across the globe. It has provided dual- or multiple-language shopping opportunities on its sites in Canada (English and French), and in Germany (German, English, Dutch, Polish and Turkish). The online retailer already caters to Spanish speakers with both (for customers based in Mexico) and (for customers based in Spain). But this move of adding Spanish as a second language option to bring Spanish version of Amazon’s USA site is a strategic move which has germinated after a thorough analysis of the opportunities and threats.

Opportunities for Amazon’s Spanish Language USA Site

As per The Guardian, with 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million bilingual Spanish speakers, only Mexico has more (121 million) native Spanish speakers than the US, which is ahead of Columbia (48 million) and Spain (46 million). The language is also the third most widely used on the internet, though less than 8 percent of traffic is in Spanish. Besides, Morgan Stanley has suggested that retail spending by Hispanic-Americans will rise by 1.6 percentage points by 2020 as opposed to millennial spending growth of 0.6 percentage points. The potential of the Hispanic buyers both in terms of quality and quantity, thus, is as straight as the line drawn with the ruler. The move of bringing Spanish version of Amazon’s USA site appears to be much more integrated with the larger plan of attracting the Spanish-speaking community when we consider that earlier this week, Amazon launched its popular Prime membership service in Mexico, giving customers benefits such as free shipping for $46 per year.

Questions About Amazon’s Spanish Language USA Site

Though Amazon has been the most dominating color on the retail canvas, analysts and observers are saying that it may be reaching a saturation point for English-speaking Prime customers in the US. According to analysts, US Prime membership has grown to more than 60 million people. If it has to keep the stagnation at bay, growth is the most critical factor at this juncture for Amazon. This concern was at the helm why it brought Prime to China and India last year. It made sure that Canada, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Japan will also see the Prime service. Amazon is clearly looking at this language addition as a way to reach out to more and more people to strengthen its customer base.

But having said that, there are people who have begun to raise questions about the efficacy of this Spanish version of Amazon’s USA site. And there are reasons for that questioning. 80% of native-born Hispanics younger than 18 years-old speak only English at home. Moreover, according to Nielsen, 35% of all Hispanics living in the United States speak both English and Spanish at home. All these numbers are making it difficult for some industry experts to see business acumen and profitability in this logic of Amazon’s Spanish language USA site. But history has proved that Amazon has rarely gone wrong with its decisions!

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