Amazon Dash Button: The Ultimate In Customer Loyalty

by Grace Miller |

Amazon Dash Button: The Ultimate In Customer Loyalty

About to run out of laundry detergent?

Press a button sitting on top of your washer and the button will automatically place an order for your favorite laundry detergent and have it shipped it to you right away.

Amazon’s release of their new Dash button whether intentional or not was perfectly timed. A day before April Fools Amazon released the Dash button, literally a small physical button customers can place in their home to press and order common household products you’re about to run out of. Some people thought it was a joke but Amazon confirmed that, in fact, it is very real.

Amazon already has a “one click buy” feature on it’s website, which essentially eliminates the traditional online checkout process. Some of us, (myself included) have only just gotten on board with the idea of ordering basic household goods like paper towels and laundry detergent from online retailers. And as a recent convert, I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. All too often you make mental note that your running out of paper towels, laundry detergent etc, only to forget it the next time you’re at the store.

That’s the beauty of the Dash button. It gives customers a way to order coffee pods by literally pushing a button placed right next to your coffee machine, right at the moment they realize they are running low. The buttons are branded with the product they are ordering for you and are intended to be mounted on or placed close to the home appliance they correlate with, a red Tide button for your washing machine, a Keurig button for your coffee maker.

amazon-dash-button2 Coffee maker exampleAlthough I don’t relish the idea of my apartment being adorned with branded buttons, it’s hard to deny the convenience they could offer. And I think its important to note, the aesthetic downsides may become irrelevant pretty quickly as the next phase of excessively convenient shopping will incorporate our appliances themselves. Our washing machines will buy their own detergent and our refrigerators will order milk when its running low. 

amazon-dash-buttons various examples buggies, gillette, tide, bounty, GladAmazon’s Dash button is the ultimate in customer loyalty programs. Buy ordering a free Dash button your customers are pledging to always buy your brand and always from Amazon. It eliminates the possibility of losing your customers to discounts, out of stock items or attractive competitor packaging in the grocery store isles.

Is this a glimpse of what the Internet of Things movement going to mean for our daily lives? Regardless, Amazon’s Dash button is a brilliant innovative idea in the online shopping world and a new way of looking at customer loyalty. I wonder how it will perform in the market. I suspect that the entire senior citizen and accessibility-challenged population will quickly embrace it and so will the always-busy, no-time-to-drive-to-the-store professional. Will we eventually stop going to the stores for most of our purchases?

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