Advertising With Facebook Pay Per Click

by Sean Ogino |

Advertising With Facebook Pay Per Click

When it comes to advertising on Social networking channels I am sure the first choice that everyone has is Facebook and why not after all it is the grand daddy among all Social Networks.  Advertising through Facebook if planned correctly can be very effective. The fan reach is huge because they allow anyone with an email address to sign up and participate in the network.  

Facebook Ads are a great way for a brand to use the social networking site and advertise their product or any new story related to their product. Facebook allows advertisers to advertise in two different ways; Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Mile (PPM).  Each model will suit a particular type of business, today we will look at PPC.

Facebook PPC allows a brand to effectively manage their Facebook marketing strategy.  With PPC you place ads and pay when a user clicks on that ad.  For example you pay $1 if one person clicks on your add and you pay $10 if 10 people click on your ad. In order to advertise with Facebook PPC you need to have a Facebook account.  The primary analytics tool used for PPC is Demographics.  The advantage for you as a brand is that you can decide who your target audience is so you can segregate them by age, gender, occupation, location and interests.  If you are a company that produces men’s shoes for example your target audience would be men and teens with an interest in fashion. 

Facebook PPC allows you to target the right audience and get them on your website or Facebook business page.  A subsequent benefit of a person becoming a fan of your Facebook page is that all his connections will be exposed to your brand indefinitely. 

A few things to make a note of while advertising with Facebook is that it gives its users a chance to block the ads if they find them disturbing, so make sure that you ads are meaningful and appealing or else you are loosing out on potential likes.  Target the proper demographics for your product, just because it is pay per click you shouldn’t spam your ad across Facebook.  Use a proper strategy before rolling out your ad.  Make sure that you use Facebook ad manger to monitor the performance of your ad, it will give you a clue on how many views and how many clicks you got as well as your click through rate.

So these are some key points to remember while advertising with Facebook PPC.  Remember it is a great opportunity to be known and to make profits so make sure you use this to your advantage by making relevant and captivating ads. 


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