Advertising on Facebook is very important for business

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Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has grown from being a social site connecting college students to a global platform to market your business and generate revenues. In the past advertising was a time consuming, expensive, and slow process. Today you have the world at your fingertips; with the ability to target your audience, market your brand cost effectively, and gain results quicker than before, the process of marketing and post-analysis has shortened in length and increased in accuracy.

Facebook is the most sought after website in the world, with more than 1.2 billion users it provides a vast platform for companies to market themselves with. A well planned marketing strategy is all you need when you launch yourself into the world of Facebook. Some tips for doing so:

In order to measure the success of return in Facebook marketing you must first establish your marketing objectives. Before you even create your ad, decide what your intended end-result for these efforts will be. This goal does not have to be complex, in fact, some of the goals I have seen in the past included generating revenue, increasing cost per sale, and promoting your brand by maximizing visibility. Setting a clear goal before undertaking the venture will allow you to measure the return and decide if it was  worth the time and resources invested.

Creating the advertisement is the next step. Facebook ads can be seen just below the news feed on the far right hand column of the screen. They are usually composed of a proper and catchy headline with an image and link to your website or fanpage.

When deciding upon the imagery it’s important that it should be short and relevant to your brand and theme. Using headshots is much more popular than using logos as it gives you a better chance to get clicked. Your copy titles can be up to 25 characters in length and the body copy of the ad can be 135 keeping the content short but relevant.

The landing page, where the users ends up can either be a fan page or your website. The landing page should be engaging, current, and spam free in order to attain loyal customers.

Targeting your specified audiences is easy on Facebook. Dividing your audiences into specified segments makes your advertising more valuable and effective.

While running advertisements on Facebook, there are two ways to pay for your ad;  Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression. Choose a price structure that suits your budget and your campaign strategy.

Monitoring your ad and its results is equally important, the ‘Ads and Pages tab’ serves for that purpose. Detailed information is provided such as bid cost, average cost-per-click, and much more. History of the analysis can be seen and monitored which helps in understanding and tracking your sales and effect of advertisement online.

Observe and then take in necessary steps accordingly to make your advertising hit and help to increase your sales and reputation online.


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