Advertising and Social Media go Hand in Hand

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Advertising still rules when it comes to engaging or informing your customers and increasing sales but through a new medium called Social Media.  Technology has been evolving rapidly and this has greatly influenced the market, the customers’ behavior towards shopping online and the way companies treats their customers because of the transparency and the empowerment provided by social media platforms.

People spend more time on social media, mainly social networks like Facebook and Twitter in comparison to other sites available on the net.  This gives a fairly clear idea how efficient social media is when it comes to promoting and advertising your brand online.

The key factor is targeting your audience online, set out a basic blueprint of what kind of an advertisement would work in your benefit and then display it on social sites where they are seen and clicked by millions of online users.  When your brand gets such a huge exposure the chances of getting more customers and advancing sales becomes probable.

The age-old short and creative advertisements which went on televisions and even which were seldom circulated online are a thing of the past as they are replaced by creative but long more informative and descriptive advertisements.  These advertisements are to catch the customer eyes and lure them into buying your products.

Social media is the pedestal from where you can market, popularize and even personalize your brand among your customers and build in consumer loyalty and increase your annual sales.  Apart from setting up brand pages its beneficial if you set up advertisements on social networks in the spaces provided by the site, and are even administered by the same for spam and other such reasons.

In the present scenario social media is the ultimate way to interact with people and develop business and thus marketing and advertising your brand through social media will be highly beneficial and will work wonders for your company’s sales and reputation.


By Jason Greenberg



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