A Comprehensive Guide to Loyalty Program App : Best Features, Benefits Included

by Deepak Nautiyal |

A Comprehensive Guide to Loyalty Program App : Best Features, Benefits Included

While loyalty programs are purely focused on retaining your existing customer base, a loyalty program app is the perfect tool to further empower your customer retention initiative. There has been a surge of loyalty program apps in recent times after companies realized the impact loyalty apps make in strengthening  the loyalty program. In this blog post, we will learn why loyalty program apps are crucial besides exploring some of the best examples of such high-performance apps available nowadays.

What is A Loyalty Program App?

A loyalty program app is essentially an add-on tool to your existing loyalty program that helps you provide better flexibility to the loyalty program members in program participation. In fact, such an app makes it extremely easier for the customers to leverage the loyalty program benefits as they can pull out their phone and simply scan the QR code at checkout to update their loyalty program status. Moreover, it helps the customers to stay relieved of the hassle involved in looking out for the physical loyalty card when requested by the store guy at checkout.

Importance of Loyalty Program App for your Business

So, why you should have a loyalty program app at the first place? Well, the sheer benefits loyalty apps offer make them indispensable for inclusion as part of your loyalty program. Following are some other benefits of having a loyalty app –

Increase Customer Convenience

As per a survey, 53% customers prefer digital coupons while 63% customers agreed to using more coupons for shopping if same were available online. Loyalty apps present a pure digital approach to leveraging the benefits of loyalty programs. As customers have mobile phones all the time during shopping, a loyalty app serves the purpose better of making the program more digital.

Gather Comprehensive Customer Data

A loyalty app can provide you numerous crucial details about your customers. User behavior tracking, Geo-location mapping, user preference tracking are some of the areas where a loyalty app can prove handy when it comes to fetching detailed customer information for making more personalized offers and drive up the conversion rates.

Deliver a More Enriching Experience

No doubt mobile apps are highly interactive for end users and loyalty apps are no exception. By incorporating a range of enticing elements like Gamification, social media integration, exciting user profile creation etc., to your loyalty app, you can deliver a much improved experience for the program members.

An Overview of The Best Loyalty Program Apps

Loyalty program apps definitely provide an edge to the customers when it comes to flexibility as compared to the plastic customer loyalty cards. Though loyalty cards have their own unique charm and set of benefits, the advantages offered by loyalty apps tend to make them a bigger favorite for loyalty program members. Following are some of the best and most popular loyalty program apps available –

Sephora Beauty Insider App

Available for Android and iOS, Sephora’s loyalty app is among the most downloaded apps in loyalty app category. The app integrates perfectly with the brand’s website and store and features an appealing UI.

Starbucks App

The loyalty app from Starbucks has been immensely successful as well as popular when it comes to digital engagement. It features a user-friendly UI and makes ordering, payment and reward tracking easier.

Amazon App

One of the most popular loyalty apps, Amazon’s loyalty app is not only secure and easy-to-use for program members but also makes membership rewards tracking extremely convenient.

The North Face App

The North Face loyalty app integrates well with the brand’s successful loyalty program and makes shopping, reward tracking, check-out easy with its user-friendly UI.

Best Features of Loyalty Program App

Though there can be distinct features in every uniquely built loyalty program apps, most apps entails a common set of features to render the task easier for loyalty program members. Following are the typical features a loyalty app has –

  • Allows quick, hassle-free loyalty program enrollment
  • Easy and quick access to loyalty account and available offers
  • Earn points via the exclusive offers and coupons available through app
  • Embedded Gamification and location based offers to maximize engagement
  • Provide brands robust, valuable data about customer shopping patterns
  • Store customer preferred payment methods for use as required
  • View detailed history of all transactions linked to the account
  • Check individual customer loyalty program progress via dashboard
  • Allow customers edit personal details as required
  • Fill out quick surveys to earn additional points
  • Create unique personal program member profile
  • Login options via email, social media, loyalty membership number
  • Social media integration to allow members provide reviews and gain rewards
  • Gamification elements to engage users and increase sales
  • Push notifications to inform members about bonuses, special offers

Besides the typical features mentioned above, following special features are also available in the best loyalty program apps –

  • Create new opportunities for personalized communication with program members
  • App integration with revolutionary location based technologies like iBeacon, AR etc.
  • View geo-targeted offers with help of Smartphone camera and GPS
  • Analytics integration to gain improved insights into customer behavior

A Loyalty Program App Can Significantly Boost your Loyalty Program

A loyalty app is not just convenient for the program members but for the brands as well. While customers benefit from the sheer convenience of availing points and better account management, brands get access to comprehensive customer information including location, purchase patterns and more. If you already have a loyalty program running, getting a loyalty program app developed would be the optimal strategy to boost it. If you require more information on creating a successful loyalty program or how loyalty apps can benefit your business, talk to our experts now!


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